Saturday, 6 May 2017

Album Review... Doublestone - Devils own / Djævlens Egn

Back in 2001 in Copenhagen, Doublestone originally formed as a duo by long time friends Michael James Bruun and Bo Blond Daugaard.  Doublestone later became a trio with the addition of Bo’s bass playing cousin.  In 2013 they released the 'Set The World Ablaze' EP and the self-titled 'Doublestone'.  The trio progressed further with Mos Generator’s Tony Reed to record their first full-length LP 'Wingmakers' in the basement of an old cheese factory in central Copenhagen.  This catapults the band to gain wider attention and praise with their reputation for playing 70s-influenced hard rock, psychedelia and southern metal.

'War Machine' leads the way setting out the tone of the record; vintage 70's style production and riffs straight from the dark lord (Ionni) himself.  As with the majority of the record, it wears its influences proudly for all to see. 'Here Comes the Serpent' rolls up next, again the track has a classic rock aesthetic to it's approach and delivers a sound like contemporary artists Kadaver and Siena Root.  The band demonstrate a real love for a time in rock history gone by, noted characteristically by the sounds of the guitars and bass work, resulting in real joy and a desire to get lost in it all.  The title track 'Devil's Own' slows things down to an engaging partially folk rock influenced piece.  Benefiting from a more acoustic style, it tells its own story before slowly introducing electric guitars for the emotive solo.
The second half of the album is sang entirely in Danish which makes it harder to comment on the themes, so far we've had wizards, snakes and lightning (although I'm pretty sure someone drinks coffee at some point)  its difficult for me to say where the final four tracks are going lyrically, not that it matters; musically the themes remain the same.
'Djævlens Egn' has a really cool rock n roll swagger to it, flirting with the 70's blues rock of bands like Dr Feelgood. 'I Natten' follows and once more harks back to distinguished sounds of bands such as Nazareth. The LP ends with the brilliant 'Solen Sover' a laid back beat and baseline give way to harmonised vocals and sporadic guitar licks before building into a perfect heavy rock blast out.

'Devil's Own' gets a release through Ripple Music, a label that over its past 5 years has proved to be a force to be reckoned with signing the likes of Wo Fat, Mothership, Zed, The Judge and the truly awesome Salem's Bend; those familiar with the label won't be surprised to read or hear Doublestone are a perfect fit for them.  It probably won't come as a surprise too that given they have a really authentic vintage rock style and loose stoner grooves to the tracks, I was sold on the first listen.  This is a record I can't stop listening to.  Get on it and pass it on.

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