Saturday, 11 June 2016

Album Review...Out of the Earth - Out of the Earth

Out of the Earth are 3 piece from Greece and are relatively new, having formed only a couple of years ago.  Guitarist/vocalist Thanos sounds a hell of a lot like Chris Cornell; I mention it now because its the first thing EVERYONE notices!

Out of the Earth play fuzzed up tracks in a very cool stoner rock way. There's a synergy between the 3 musicians here, immediately apparent from the opening track 'Need'; a really smart riff driven druganaut, boasting an awesome solo. The title track is heavy and gravelly; and again a number that has nods to 'Badmotorfinger' especially in structure and style.
'All Mine' is a dirty blues stomper, whist 'Crave' displays outstanding bass work by Stelios. In fact, all of the musicianship on this LP is tight throughout and there's some exceptional drumming to be heard; especially on standout track 'My Way'.

There's much to like about Out of the Earth.  This cool debut, given that the band formed mid 2014 and put this record out a year later ,  shows promise for the years to come.  I'm sure this band are going to get bigger and better and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next. Lovers of heavy stoner grooves are gonna get a kick out of this;  essential listening.

Smash records have just put the album out on reissue on cd and Ltd edition vinyl, they're selling fast so don't hang around!

Out of the Earth Bandcamp

Buy Out of the Earth on CD/LP from Smash Records

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