Friday, 26 February 2016

Listen to Transmissions from the Psychedelic Basement Live HERE !

Join Me this weekend for a special broadcast. Saturday night at 8pm brings an All New Transmissions from the Psychedelic Basement, a joint show with the strange brains from Thee Psychedelicatessen.

Tune in here at the start of the broadcast and the player below will go live.  You can expect to hear 3hrs of great psychedelia old and new mixed together for you listening pleasure.  If you miss the show on Saturday,you can catch an encore broadcast on Ace American radio station Grip of Delusion HERE on Sunday.

8pm...Geoff Leppard
9pm...Thee Psychedelicatessen

Turn on, Tune in, Psych out. is on Mixlr

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Album Review...Sons of the Void - Sons of the Void 2016

I know I've said this more than once, but 2016 has already brought us some of the most interesting Psychedelic releases in a while. its been an intriguing year so far with the brilliant debut by Psychic Lemon and the fascinating Electronic Krautrock of Sula Bassana's Shipwrecked.

So, from Sunrise Ocean Bender and released on March 4th we have the debut album from Sons of the Void.  The Sons in question are former Tadpoles bassist and more recently guitarist with Psychic TV, David Max, and Nick Nobody.  The album was recorded in their own Logical Magic Recordings studio in Basel and is an 8 track trip through Psychedelic Pop n Roll with Byrdsesque country touches particularly noted on the opening  melancholic yet dreamy 'Leichenblume'. The second track 'Don't Forget to Pray' follows in the same style but gives way to disjointed and wonky keyboard sounds towards the end. Up next is the trippy 'Kolliderscope'' which shifts a little from that Byrds sound and 'Absorption', both more reminiscent of post Revolver era Beatles but still maintaining the flow of the record.
The Second half of the album kicks off with 'I hope i don't miss' another taste of that West Coast feel up until halfway through the track whereupon the fuzzed up guitars and feedback make a cool appearance. Next track up and standout track for me is the wonderful 'The Things we wish',  a perfect slice of sixties infused pop that wouldn't be out of place on a Love album. Things slow down with the mellow paced rock of 'A Kick Like That' before the beautiful 'Little Children' and its pop melody closes the album.
Sons of the Void is a great listen, Psychedelic in style yet influenced heavily by country pop and somehow emerging as a thing all of its own.  This is worth tracking down and listening to, find out for yourself on the youtube link below or the tracks available on the bands own Bandcamp page.

Sons of the Void Website
Download from Bandcamp
Buy on Limited Edition Cyan Vinyl

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Brand New Transmissions from the Psychedelic Basement

Im really pleased to announce that on Saturday 27th of February I will be broadcasting a brand new Transmission show with the good people from Thee Psychedelicatessen. The show will comprise of a mix of Psychedelic sounds old and new with classic tracks and plenty of stuff you might not know yet.

The show starts at 8pm and i'll post more details here on the blog nearer the time.

Until then you can my section of the last TFTPB show on the link below and be sure to check out Thee Psychedelicatessen blog on the link Here.

Join the Event on Facebook HERE !

Friday, 19 February 2016

Album Review...Psychic Lemon - Psychic Lemon 2016

Im always open to hearing something new, and one of the cool things about the blog and the radio show is that you get have contact with newer bands that haven't necessarily broken out of their own town and are looking for some wider exposure. Psychic Lemon come from Cambridge, they release their debut album on March 4th, and its a belter.

TiCkToC is the albums opener, its punchy and bouncy baseline dominates its brilliant 5 minute length over great Wah Wah guitars, this is how you open an album.
Death Cult Blues is up next and is 9 minutes of psychedelic magic filled with proggy flutes and great guitar work, its Krautrock for sure, but pretty damn funky too, which can also be said for follow on track Good Cop, Bad Cop.  Things mellow out a little on Analogue Summer with its slide guitar sounds and birdsong intro before the driving beats of Dilator kick in.
The album closes with the 10 minute brilliance of Horizon, a krautrock classic that drives its way through the track and then builds itself to deliver its final release of fuzzed out space feedback at the tracks end.

This is an astounding debut album, one that deserves to be widely heard and i really hope it is.  Like Sergeant Thunderhoof from Bath, Psychic Lemon have more than proven that there is great music out there not yet leaving its home town, both of these bands deliver something worthy.  click the links below and listen to some great music, and support the band by buying this album.

Official Site

Album Review...Otrovna Kristina - Otrovna Kristina 2016

Straight out of Croatia! According to Sulatron Records they've put out a straight forward 70's rock record in an ultra irrelevant and impossible to understand Language.  Well some might argue that rock is a language all of its own!

Coming in at under 40 minutes, Otrovna Kristina  deliver a straight out hard rocking lp, the 70s tag is appropriate and fitting, opening track Vrata Moći starts with a scream and  pounding drums like the very best Mountain tracks. There are  scorching guitar solos on offer on songs like Demon ( check out the video below ) and Pita. The music here definitely takes on an authentic life of its own, the production itself has the feel of the decade the riffs here belong to. Fans of Free will feel at home with the style on offer here such as on the brilliant Zmija, its not quite Psych, but its certainly heavy and hard rocking, you could spent all the time you want picking out influences but the great thing about this record is its clearest influence is the decade itself.

Sulatron are putting this out on a nice red vinyl, i doubt there'll be any left soon, you can pick up a copy of Otrovna Kristina on the links below.

Buy the Album at Sulatron Records
Otrovna Kristina You Tube Channel

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Februarys HeavyPsych Show is now available to hear anytime.

Februarys HeavyPsych Show is now available to hear anytime on Mixcloud.
Originally broadcast on and American Radio Station Grip of Delusion, this months show is a cover version special.  Enjoy!!!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Februarys HeavyPsych goes out live this weekend

Februarys HeavyPsych show will go out live on Saturday the 13th at 9pm as part of's RockShow. You can listen to the show by clicking the link on the player below when the show goes live at 8pm.

Tune in this month for a cover version special kicking off with Dylan the Wolf at 8pm and ending with Zachsta at 10pm, HeavyPsych features brilliant tracks by Cult of Dom Keller, Elder, Teeth of the Sea and Dark Horses. As always HeavyPsych will be go out the next day on American radio station Grip of Delusion ( Link Here ) and will be available on my mix cloud page Here . is on Mixlr

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Album Review...Electric Moon - Flaming Lake ( Live ) 2011

Sulatron Records reissued 2011's Flaming Lake by Electric moon last year on vinyl after the original cd release and Back to Basics vinyl release sold out incredibly fast.  This 76 minute long opus was recorded July 2011 in Germany and unveils itself over 4 long and beautifully sprawling psychedelic Jams. All 4 tracks demonstrate the very best in tripped out Spacerock, opening track The Cosmic Creator builds wonderfully into a fuzzed up riff fuelled journey that continues apace throughout the rest of the album right up until final track Burning Battenberg. The set is fantastically Floydian in tone and there isn't a moment throughout that allows the listener to become distracted.

This particular release actually came out before i started The AHM Blog and truly is far too good not to share, It was given more life recently with a brilliant new visual to accompany it and the Link to the entire album with the Space Journey visuals in HD is below.  See and hear it now, and once you've done so be sure to click the link to the Sulatron store and purchase this exceptional live recording.

Buy Electric Moon - Flaming Lake Here

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Album Review... Sula Bassana - Shipwrecked 2016

2016 is already shaping up to be a decent year for Psychedelia and Psychedelic Rock, both Birth of Joy and Mugstar are about to release new albums  and theres a couple of interesting releases coming from Germanys Sulatron records. Croation band Otrovna Kristina and their 70s influenced PsychRock (which will be reviewed here soon ) and Shipwrecked by Sula Bassana both get a mid February release.

Ive been lucky enough to live with Shipwrecked for a month or so now and I've played it multiple times, recorded on vintage synthesisers this almost entirely electronic lp takes its influences from the likes of  Musik Von Harmonia, Kraftwerk and Neu! Particularly evident on the albums opening track Moonbase Alpha Alpha and follow on track Shushi Express.  Elsewhere there are wonderfully pulsing and hypnotic sounds such as on Planeta Bur ( Which  you can hear on the link below ) and the mellow ambient chimes on the title track itself.

Lovers of ambient electronic sounds, Krautrock and cinematic Psychedelia are going to find more than enough here to enjoy, i can't recommend this record enough and I'm sure already that this will one 2016's albums of the year. Currently available on CD with a limited amounts of vinyl pressed you can purchase Shipwrecked direct from the link below.

Buy Shipwrecked from Sulatron Records