Sunday, 27 December 2015

HeavyPsych is Back !!

So as 2015 draws to a close, I'm pleased to announce that HeavyPsych will be back on Saturday January the 9th at 9pm as part of's RockShow. Tune in and listen to 60 minutes of the finest Heavy Psychedelic rock, as always there'll be a touch of Stoner, Space and Krautrock in the mix. Listen live as it happens on or catch it on Sunday 10th on Radio 10am EST/ 4pm CET/ 3pm UK time.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

HeavyPsych December/End of Year Special On Mixcloud

This Months HeavyPsych Show is now available to hear anytime on Mixcloud, listen back to 2hrs of Psychedelic brilliance chosen by Me with tracks chosen by friends of the show

Enjoy !!

There will more shows Next year as well as a return to the Psychedelic Basement both Online and live in the real world too !!
Keep checking back for more music and album reviews, and if you want to be considered for the show please contact me here.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

HeavyPsych December / End of Year Special.

Tune in this Sunday 3pm EST/ 9pm CET /8pm Uk for a 2 hour HeavyPsych Special.  This time around the show will be going Live from the Mixlr page as well as from American Radio Station Grip of Delusion.  The show features the Usual PsychRock Sounds, but this time around also has songs chosen by friends of the show giving it a different kind of feel. As always there will be a mix of brand new tracks from signed and unsigned bands as well as older classics.  There are links to some of the contributors below.  Join me on Sunday, and play it loud !

Thee Psychedelicatessen   The Liquid Scene   Hunter and Nelson Clothing  Birth of Joy
Left For Dead Records   Sergeant Thunderhoof   Boobs of Doom   Grip of Delusion Radio   
Jonathan Morgan    David Swain

A special thank you to Stephen Gardner for letting me use his photo of a cow in Somerset which has appeared in a lot of the shows artwork this year, and to Julian Melling for graciously letting me steal photos from his Instagram to use in some of the Tracklist Artwork.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Listen Back to Junes HeavyPsych Show

Decembers show will be here on Sunday 13th, until then Listen back to Junes Show. Originally broadcast by this show features fantastic tracks by Mugstar, Pond and Föllakzoid as well one of my favourite songs, "Druganaut" by the brilliant Black Mountain.

There are lots of Previous broadcasts to discover and listen to on my Mixcloud page HERE

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Decembers HeavyPsych Show / End of Year Special

Decembers HeavyPsych Show/End of Year Special will be going live on the 13th. It will be broadcast  simultaneously on BigJaf.nets Mixlr Station and American station Grip of Delusion, for the first time ever it will also be available on my Mixcloud page at the start of transmission.
The show will feature a mix of the HeavyPsych Show and the more traditional Psychedelic flavours that can be heard in the Psychedelic Basement series . The music has been especially chosen by Bands/Artists and Labels that have featured this year as well as contributions from good friends of the show.
Join me for a brilliant mix of Psych old and New, Heavy and weird, from signed and unsigned bands, its gonna be fantastic.

There will be another update nearer the time to announce some of the guests and contributors.
Join me, its going to be brilliant.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Album Review...The Liquid Scene - Revolutions

"Yesterday's Sounds Today", as band motto's go its not a bad one to have, for Bay Area Psychheads The Liquid Scene its remarkably accurate.
Released in December 2014, Revolutions is a 9 (Number 9!) track album of wonderfully catchy hooks, psychedelic melodies and songs that effortlessly capture a sound not unlike the treasures from the original summer of love.
Theres more than a hint of Jefferson Airplane here, as well nods to ( and happily, for me anyway) the underrated songwriting of The Monkees, as is evident on the opening track The Other side of the Sun.
Further on in the album the wonderful "Hey Moondog" plays out on a riff reminiscent of Dear Prudence whilst still managing to maintain the bands individual dreamlike sound. This is largely due to the fantastic Vocals of singer Becki ( Bodhi ) diGregorio, her voice swirls in perfect harmony with the accompanying sounds and it makes for a brilliant listen. The same can be said for the track "letterbox" and its soothing relaxing vibe.
 There aren't many Psychedelic pop albums of the last few years that have managed to achieve what's on offer here, the wonderful sitar on "In My Water Room" enhances the sound and Trey Sabatelli makes the beat of his drum fit like a glove.  Elsewhere there is the mellow "Leave me here" and  slow building "The Mystery Machine" demonstrating once again a love of the music of an era gone by lovingly brought forward to recent times.  Plugging in the headphones and sitting back to relax is the perfect way to listen to and enjoy Revolutions, and I've done that many times now before reviewing this wonderful lp. Whilst this LP is not as heavy as the kinds of things i usually review here, the bands love of the psychedelic sound and Bodhi's superb vocals shine through and makes it impossible to not get drawn in, im looking forward to hearing where the band goes next.

The Liquid Scene Official Website
The Liquid Scene Bandcamp