Saturday, 30 April 2016

Two New Radio Shows for May

The New Atom Heart Mutha Radio Show Goes out live on May 14th at 9pm as Part of the RockShow, as always there will be an encore Broadcast on Grip of Delusion Radio the following day 10am EST/ 4pm CET 3pm UK, more details to follow.

Until then, you can hear Aprils AHM show on the Mixcloud player below.

Im also pleased to announce that there will a brand New Atom Heart Mutha/Thee Psychedelicatessen Joint broadcast, 'Transmissions from the Psychedelic Basement 4', will be another brilliant 3 hours of brain melting Psychedelia, we'll be announcing the date soon.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Album Review...Jakob Skøtt - All the Colours of the Dust

Causa Sui's drummer Jakob Skøtt's on a mission to go,"all in' on the third installment of his "drums versus synthesizers" vision; 'All the Colours of the Dust' is the follow up to 2014's 'Taurus Rising' and is further proof that Skøtt is without doubt one of the greatest drummers on the planet right now.

'ATCOTD' opens with noise, random squelches, blips and synths, drums and cymbals,  seemingly banging with no sense of rhythm; Then the drumbeat, that features for most of the 12 minutes of 'Age of Isotopes,' kicks off and suddenly, nothing appears irregular at all; the track plays on relentlessly, before reaching calm, just before it ends. 'Face Peradam' showcases some real skill again, in terms of keeping a heavy flow of beats, whilst maintaining harmony with the synths; this theme carries on the follow on track 'The Variable'.
'Iron Nebula' is hard rocking and has a lot in common with the last proper Flaming Lips record 'The Terror'; it bursts with motor like power and then energetic drum explositions as it draws to its conclusion.
The final track is the magnificent 'All the Colours'; a mammoth piece, that smashes it's way through its 7 minutes demonstrating an original style, with shades of Can and Bitches Brew.
It's a difficult record to pin down; there are elements of freak Jazz and space funk. The album is  heavy and rocking, but the use of the electronic instrumentation takes it somewhere outside of what you may expect.  In fact, the synths here compliment the drums perfectly, offering a relentless 40 minutes that doesn't let up until its final note.
I'm not sure who won the battle of drums Vs synths this time; there's some really incredible  percussive work going on, along with some meaty beats and rhythms. There's also some interesting synths too, not all is as chaotic as it first appears, there is a definite coherence that flows through the albums 5 tracks.  In terms of a winner, I think it's fair to say that it's the listener.
The album is available from El Paraiso Records on the link below.

El Paraiso Records

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Album Review...Cary Grace - Tygerland

Cary Grace is an American multi instrumentalist who has called England home for the last 10 years. She runs Wessex Analogue; manufacturing Wiard brand boutique modular synthesisers. Tygerland is her 9th album. 

The album opens to the sounds of  synths and patterns; 'Tygerland' is the sound of a musician warming up, preparing you to settle down before the opening riff of 'Cyanide' kicks in.  The song offers a pleasing nod to mid 70s era Neil Young, with blistering solo's and 70s rock chord progressions leading the way. 'Orange Sky' is a more electronic/trippy affair, percussive and immersive, in contrast to 'Cyanide'.  It is made all the captivating, once more, by Grace's vocal delivery.
'War child' is another piece evocative of 70's rock with a more bluesy vocal; it's runs at 9 minutes and is easily one of the albums highlights. 'Limelight' offers another change of pace, bluesy and glowing warmly throughout; it leads nicely into the opening of 'Razorwire'.
'Razorwire' has a summer like inflection; it flows beautifully, and again, benefits from a different vocal tone from Grace over its 8 minute journey. 'Into the Indigo' is a mellow, thoughtful piece and quite minimalistic, compared a lot of the other tracks on the album.
The album ends with the experimental 'Windsong'. A mammoth 20 minutes in length, it's intro builds slowly before the spoken word poetic delivery of the lyrics tell its story; the pay off comes in just past the 12 minute mark; heavy drumming and guitars fight over the complex electronic noises.

Tygerland's strengths lie in the crafting and layering of the tracks, as well as Grace's alluring vocal.  The songs themselves are eclectic in style, yet follow in a cohesive manner: the myriad of different synth styles and sounds employed here elevate the songs to offer a more varied listening experience. It's a record you'll find yourself going back to often.

Official Website

Cary Grace on Facebook

Buy Tygerland Here.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Album Review...Gorilla Vs Grifter - Split LP

Birmingham's Hevisike Records have just released the next in their split LP series; following the success of  2015's Mos Generator // Stubb, comes another monster in the form of Gorilla Vs Grifter.

Gorilla are first up; a heavy rock n roll three piece, with a sound as dirty and heavy as the band they draw the most obvious of their influences from: Motörhead. This comparison is clearly apparent on opening track 'Both Barrels'.
'Slay Rider' is straight out stoner rock with great solos throughout; the bass is bouncy with a slow groove; excellent stuff.
'Grind Yer Down' is another heavy number with great guitars and the line "don't let the bastards grind you down"; a sentiment often embraced  by the late, great Lemmy.
'Three Squealer' finishes off the first side, and whilst reminiscent of Sabbath, it still has the hard rock boogie that the rest of the tracks deliver.
Grifter are a great band to compliment side A of the LP. They are another heavy power trio that know how to make a riff fuelled groove, as demonstrated on the first track 'Falling Asleep'. 'Paige Turner' manages to achieve the impressive task of naming an array of top shelf magazines whilst keeping your focus on the fantastic 70s sounding heavy rock. 'Hi Waisted' follows suit with its retro riff age and heavy tone, adding a little extra harmonica to give it that dirty blues edge. Album closer 'Me Love' is a weighty number with a driving groove that almost demands you bounce your head in time with the mammoth sound.

There isn't a dull note on Gorilla Vs Grifter; the split serves as an introduction to two really interesting stoner rock outfits that offer much more than you might expect.  Filthy riffs, grooves and brilliantly heavy rock n roll; in short, it's Ace !
The album has been released on limited edition Gold vinyl (a Hevisike exclusive,100 copies pressed ) as well as a yellow and blue marbled version, the excellent cover artwork is by Dutch Artist Maarten Donders.

Buy Gorilla Vs Grifter at Hevisike Records

Gorilla on Facebook

Grifter on Facebook


Gorilla                                                             Grifter

Album Review...Nicklas Sørensen - Solo

'Solo' is the debut LP from Papir Guitarist Nicklas Sorensen. It's a different kind of vibe to what you may be expecting, but that's not to say there isn't something familiar going on. Whilst the album is titled 'Solo', it features bandmates Christian Becher Clausen and Christoffer Brøchmann, as well as Causa Sui guitarist Jonas Munk.

Opening track 'Solo 1' is a sterling piece of Krautrock; the driving drum patterns and background synths compliment the guitar work perfectly, but don't smother the sound. The guitars are very much at the forefront of the track and it works extremely well. 'Solo 2' is a more mellow affair; the guitars wash over the beat, tribal but slower paced with shimmering cymbals. It is really rather beautiful and almost certainly designed to be heard through a good set of headphones. 'Solo 3' is more synth and loop oriented; the simplistic and sporadic guitar lets the track unfold, which it does wonderfully. 'Solo 4' is much more ambient in tone with its background synth sounds, but it's the lead guitar that shows real emotive skill as the song effortlessly plays out. 'Solo 5' is a rythmic number that progresses to something a little heavier at its Centre before mellowing again. The Final Track 'Solo 6' is an epic 12 minutes in length and delivers something incredibly atmospheric; it takes its time to grow and as with the rest of the LP, it's an immersive experience that holds your interest for the full duration.

There's a myriad of different layers and textures to discover.  The guitar is used to different effects  that really do generate the otherworldly esoteric sounds that are promised. The guitar remains the lead instrument, but interplays nicely with the music that surrounds it.

As I've mentioned already, this album is designed to be listened to; it demands concentration; and it's perfect for listening to through headphones  in order to immerse you into the experience. Highly recommended stuff.

Buy Niklas Sørensen - Solo HERE

El Paraiso Records Website

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Album Review...Khan Tengri - Aeons

Khan Tengri is the latest project from  The Gateless Gate's Allister Thompson, its a psychedelic space rock album that he describes as a "rebranding" of his work.

The LP opens with a sonic interpretation of the classic HP Lovecraft story 'At the Mountain of Madness" broken into 5 parts. This atmospheric piece captures the horror story as a fearful trip, taking in spooky chants, pounding drums and some impressive guitar work, before drawing its conclusion in a textured cinematic fashion.
'Kalpas' is a mellow affair, led by guitar and spiritual chanting; it flows beautifully. 'Dualistic Stomp' is a heavier number and shows a different side to the record, as does the strange 'The Holocene Extinction'; both tracks have more pounding rock feel, the latter has a brilliant monstrous growl of a vocal that seems list extinct species and suggest that we as Homo Sapiens are next.
Throughout the record, there are many moments  that show the music has been heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, taking different elements of their vast career.  'Maitreya Has Come, And all is Renewed' could so easily be a David Gilmour solo track; it really is fantastic stuff. The Album closes with 'Silurian', an ambient cinematic piece that runs for 12 minutes which captivates and immerses you, as you listen on.
Aeons is a really cool listen; it works well as a space rock album but it also shines in its more ambient  parts. There's some striking guitar work and much to enjoy on an album that is equal parts chilling and dazzling.

I'd also recommend having a listen to some of Allister's early works under his Gateless Gate moniker; there's some really interesting things to discover.  A link to the band camp page can be found below; click on and listen.

Khan Tengri - Aeons on Bandcamp

Khan Tengri/The Gateless Gate on Facebook

Friday, 15 April 2016

Album Review...Love Machine - Circles

Love Machine release the highly anticipated follow up to 'A Present to the Galaxy' soon. 'Circles' see the German five piece continue their successful journey into the infinity of space, the human soul, and beyond.

There are plenty of bands from over the decades that have shown their love and respect of psychedelic pop music; each of them striving to bring a fresh or different take on the sounds of days gone by. What strikes you immediately, when listening to Love Machine, is the distinctive vocal style of Marcel Rösche. The songs themselves are rooted somewhere between The Doors and early 70's rock, but it's his notably theatrical delivery and tone that draw attention.
'Circles' is a concept piece about gravity, rotation and time, in which Love Machine face the eternal genesis and demise in galactical and interhuman terms.  'Sun Paradox' combines sounds of the West Coast and 'Love Street'. The track has warm feel and in a cool way to open the album.
'Maze' follows next and incorporates elements of early Santana; especially towards the end as the guitars kick in.  In contrast, 'Rotation of Earth and Love' begins as a confident pop-rock trip and evolves into something more spaced out, before leading out with a wonderful guitar solo. There's more 70s influenced rock on the title track. The moment the guitars tease that 'Love her Madly' is around the corner, there's suddenly an elongated guitar solo reminiscent of Steely Dans 'Reelin' in the Years'.
'Gravity' is more psychedelic spacerock with a cosmic synth centre,  leading into the epic 11 minute long 'In Search of Time'; a track that embraces all the of influences that have ran throughout  the album. This track melds them in to one mammoth sprawling jam; fantastic stuff!

Circles is highly recommended; the band are clearly influenced by The Doors, Zappa, Hawkwind, Floyd and Fela Kuti; they wear it well, but still offer something different and interesting.

Circles is released on April 22nd, click on the links below to purchase it on vinyl or cd.

Love Machine Official Website

Tonzonen Records

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Album Review... Causa Sui - Return to Sky

My introduction to Danish band Causa Sui came in the form of 2013's 'Euporie Tide'; an amazing instrumental psychedelic rock album, rich with ideas and sounds. An album that demands to be played loud!

Over the last couple of years, I've been able to delve deeper into their hugely impressive back catalogue and uncover even more gems. I was  happy to discover a new Lp being released for 2016.
'Return to sky' doesn't feel so much as a follow up to 'Euporie Tide' but more of a progression. The album starts with 'Dust Meridian', Jakob Skøtt's drums lead the way over the bass lines groove. At the halfway mark, the sixties tinted keyboards move into something far heavier until a wall of noise gives way to more mellow tones from the guitars.  The second track 'The Source' is riff driven and one of the best slabs of HeavyPsych I've heard so far this year. 'Mondo Buzzo' follows in a more measured way until it it begins to become full, heavy and fuzzy. The track becomes much more of a stoner rock monster and then following the Causa Sui way, the track finally mellows.
'Dawn passage has a psych-jazz feel that transforms into something more cosmic.  The title track closes the album; like the previous tracks 'Return to Sky'; it starts from one style and moves to something far heavier.  By the time we're 3 minutes in, the track is a pounding monster and without warning becomes a dreamy haze of synths, guitars and drum crashes. It's probably worth noting that just like the  previous releases, its almost unfair to break the album into parts because its strength lies in way it works as one whole piece.

'Return to Sky' is an impressive addition to a brilliant catalogue of tripped out Psychedelic rock. Akin to the albums before; this one manages to be unique and individual whilst remaining distinctly a Causa Sui album. if you're unfamiliar with the band; this really is an excellent starting point.

Buy Return to Sky Here.

Causa Sui on Facebook

El Paraiso Records

Album Review...The Movements - Like Elephants 1 and 2

Great sounds from Sweden.
The Movements are from  Gothenburg and are recognised for making music that "fully exploit the dynamics of the Psych rock and pop spectrum."  Both parts were recorded mostly around the same time, however, 1 was originally released with a gap,  enabling the band time to finish Part 2.

The album opens on a high; 'The Death of John Hall D.Y', is a perfect piece of psychedelic pop music that evokes everything from The Byrds, Neil Young and The Zombies. This is followed by the energetic 7 minute long 'Boogin'; a driving piece of 70s style rock. Further on tracks like  'Two Tongues' and 'All the Lost' are bursting with sixties psych pop sounds; the latter complete with authentic organ tones underpinning the song.  'Ingenting Kommer Ur Ingenting' builds over the rhythms into a sonic wall of noise and is a definite highlight of Part 1. 'The Great Deciviever' is an enjoyable slice of beat pop again making great use of the organ sounds and guitars.
Part 2 continues with similar styles and aesthetics as the album before but offers some variations, especially on tracks like the piano led 'Ice cold' and the rhythmic drone of 'Give it To Me'. There are splashes of The Rolling Stones 'Paint it Black' on 'Yesterday, Now and Forever and there's more of the West Coast in the brilliant 'Winter's Calling'.
Whether or not the album should be treated as one package now they are available that way, or 2 separate albums doesn't really matter, both stand up on the their own two feet but also work well as one whole.

What stands out is how the music, whilst heavily loaded with influences, manages to have an original feel of its own. You can also tell that the band themselves must be a powerful force live and this double package leaves you wanting to see them.
Like Elephants 1 and 2 is currently available as a double vinyl package on Sunrise Ocean Bender and well worth spending time with.
The Movements Official Webpage

Buy Like Elephants Here

Sunrise Ocean Bender Website

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

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Monday, 11 April 2016

Album Review...Sounds of New Soma - Moebius Tunnel

Neo- Krautrock duo Sounds of New Soma return after 2014's 'Beyond the Acid Dream' with a new album  'Moebius Tunnel, and a style that expands upon their debut albums "sound cosmos".

The album starts beautifully with 'Lysergdelfin, at first an ambient piece, the music developes adding synthesised layers and allows itself to grow as the guitar strokes becomes more and more revealed. 'Kosmonautenglück' is a swirling ambient drone complete with lasers and space age synths. Next comes 'Subraumverzerrung', a cool track and the first to have tempo added by drums, hushed vocals accompany the rhythm and synths , it's a captivating journey, sounds fantastic through headphones too !  Speech/Apfel is much more of a cosmic drone than previous tracks featuring more of their layered synthesised tones, the guitars that are hidden within add to the track. 'Morgengebet is a stunning 11 minute long psychedelic foray into Space featuring programmed drum patterns and more intriguing guitar work. The album closes with 'Neuland', it's another otherworldly electronic ambient track with palpitating synths, without doubt an apt conclusion to a very pleasing album.

There's a more disciplined approach to Moebius Tunnel than its predecessor and it really pays off. As a whole, Moebius Tunnel is a trip, incredibly atmospheric yet structured whilst never meandering, its going to be interesting to see how Sounds of New Soma evolve their music in the years to come.
The album has just been released on Tonzonen on Cd and a limited run of 250 blue 180g vinyl, There is also a very special edition of 50 that includes poster and other treasures, more details are available by clicking the Tonzonen Records link below.
It's also worth noting the distinctive album cover which comes courtesy of artist Mark Reiser who in the past has worked with Nik Turner and Hawkwind.
Interesting stuff.

Sounds of New Soma Bandcamp

Tonzonen Records

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Album Review...Constantine - Day of Light

A change of pace for Atom Heart Mutha from the usual sonic sounds of the impenetrable walls of feedback. 'Day of Light' is the new album from Constantine Hastalis, a talented singer songwriter from Chicago.

'(Into The Land) That Time Forgot' opens the album with pastoral folk brushes, moved along by psychedelic surges over an acoustic guitar.  'The Trip (Parts I and II)' is a delight, 8 minutes of West Coast magic; the organ sound that underpins the track, alongside the guitars and flute, make for a totally immersive expansion of the mind.
'Egyptian days' has a heavy Eastern Psych feel to it, percussively guided and complimented by the sitar; its a mellow trip that rolls along with charm.  Elsewhere, the flute led 'Voyage of the Crystal Bird' displays fantastic vocal harmony with Jennifer Williams. Once again, 'Forest Path' offers a rustic folk form, whilst maintaining a psychedelic feel. 'Rania is a heavier number, steady paced drums and distorted guitar strokes give it an early 70s psych rock quality that builds up to a noisy, crashing finale. The album closes with the the title track 'Day of Light'  another harmonic folk number reminiscent of  The Hangmans Beautiful Daughter era Incredible String Band.

Fans of folk music; be it traditional, acid or otherwise will find much to enjoy here; as will anyone with an ear for west coast psych pop. The album balances both approaches and delivers a different kind of album. One of the records strengths lies within the interesting vocal harmonies between Constantine and Jennifer Williams, which make for a really engaging listen.

Day of Light on Band camp

Listen to the Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow Broadcast April 2016 anytime

Aprils Atom Heart Mutha Radioshow is now available to hear anytime.  This show was originally broadcast April 9th on BigJaf.nets Rockshow and on April 10th on American station Grip of delusion.

Featured bands include Mugstar, White Manna and Space Invaders

Atom Heart Mutha also has its own Facebook page HERE , please feel free to like and share.

Until the next show, Enjoy !

Album Review... JuJu - JuJu 2016

JuJu is the latest project by Gioele Valenti (Lay Llamas, Herself).  It is the story of an on going exodus from Africa that, more often than not, ends in tragedies at sea. The story encompasses a mix of rhythmic psychedelia, ancient myths and Mediterranean neo-paganism.
Driven by a monster bass line, the album starts with the hypnotic 'Samael'. Ghostly vocals and unexpected drum breaks within the song follow an unpredictable path; A great way to open the album.
'We Spit on yer grave' is a total change of pace and style; it has strong sonic reverb and a drum pattern reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain.
'Stars and Sea' starts with  an acoustic guitar and haunting chants. This track beats along then suddenly bursts into something with much more groove and and fantastic drum work.
'Dance with the Fish' is a synthetic drone with hidden piano sounds and atmospheric texture that add to the mysteries maritime theme of the album itself.  'Sunrise Ocean' is another bass driven track with enigmatic chants over a measured drumbeat. 'Lost' is a marvelous piece of psychedelia building over a piano and synths to its conclusion and repeated vocal "Where do we go from here now that you've lost your soul?".
To conclude, 'Bring 'em War'  offers a  great mantra over a fuzzy guitar lick filled with radio frequencies and weird squelching electo sounds hidden in the background.
The album itself is a wonderful listen, crafted with care and skill; there isn't a noise or sound that's out of place. The subject matter, whilst perhaps melancholy in tone, is uplifted by the music it's married to. The influences within are varied but, without a doubt, this a highly spiritual psychedelic album.  JuJu is one of the most essential records of the year so far.

The album is released in early May and there are a limited amount of orange crush coloured vinyl available from Sunrise Ocean Bender.  Preorder one now on the links below.

JuJu on Sunrise Ocean Bender

Sunrise Ocean Bender Bandcamp

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Album Review...Ozric Tentacles - Technicians of the Sacred

I'm not sure where time went.  Ozric Tentacles released their 15th album last year and I missed out on it.  It wasn't until a passing comment by a good friend of the RadioShow Jonathan Morgan mentioned that he'd really dug listening to it that a grabbed a copy.
I'm no stranger to the band, the 3 album run of 'Pungent Effulgent', 'Erpland' and 'Strangeitude' In the early 90's were the perfect companions to The Orb and Pink Floyd records I was listening to, having being introduced to the band at legendary Birmingham pub 'The Ship Ashore's' regular Psych night.
It pleases me to say that the bands 15th album finds them in fine form. 'Technicians of the Sacred' plays out over 2 discs and within seconds of ' The High Pass' you know you're in for something special. The Space rock jams are still entact, synths and lasers fire off in all directions as the song relentlessly progresses. Ed Wynne's distinctive lead guitar burns throughout the rhythm. Each of the two discs play as a continuum. The end of each song isn't always obvious, despite its evolving styles of electronic psychedelia or the bubbling skank of a track like 'Changa Masala'. There are reminders of past releases particularly on 'Epiphiloy' and 'Zenlike Creature' which took me right back to the days of tracks like 'Sploosh!' and 'White Rhino Tea'.
The second disc appears to have more laid back songs like 'Smiling Potion' and 'Rubbing Shoulders With the Absolute' but maintains that distinctive electronic SpaceRock sound of the album as a whole.
 In terms of style, there's no doubt that it's progressive and psychedelic whilst indulging in soulful tones and space jazz noodlings.  All of these elements  enhance the album as a whole piece. I'm truly happy that i was alerted to the release of this album; Ozric Tentacles have managed that difficult task of achieving longevity without compromising the content of the music.

Official Website

Album Review...The Red Plastic Buddha - Songs for Mara

The Red Plastic Buddha of Chicago, Illinois have been around for about a decade.'Songs For Mara' is their latest album and fans of Sixties infused psychedelic pop that are unfamiliar with the band are going to find plenty to enjoy.

Opener 'She's an Alien' pulsates, feeds-back and then kicks in, sounding part sixties pop and modern rock simultaneously; it's a style that resinates throughout the album, and it's a catchy song too!
 'Little White Pills' is a well paced Psych Rocker with splashes of indie rock from the last decade and a spaced out vibe too.  To follow, the more mellow track 'Being Human' which has a kind  of Anton Newcombe / BJM feel to it;  helped along with the sound of a flute.
  Elsewhere there's more great rock tracks like 'Trip Inside this House' and the excellent 70s Prog of 'Cosmonaut'. In the midst of the record comes a great suprise in the form of a cover of 'A House is Not A Motel' by Love.  This version is fuzzy and harder than the original version; the pounding drums give the song a sense of urgency whilst continuing to treat the original with respect.
 Closing track 'Stuck on You' has another 70s rock feel and promises that when singer Tim Feruson comes back from the dead he "won't work no 9-5" and assures us that his girlfriend loves him for his brains; fair enough!
What makes this album work well is the contempary feel to a really retro style of sound.  An obvious love for melodic pop within these songs shines through, making it clear that band are having fun playing them.
There's a link to the first track off the album below. I recommend you have a listen and then check them out on Bandcamp; good stuff!

Buy Songs for Mara on Bandcamp

The Red Plastic Buddha on Facebook

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow this Weekend.

April's Atom Heart Mutha Radioshow (previously known as HeavyPsych) goes out live online from 9pm Uk time this Saturday.

You can can listen in on the player below once the show starts.  As always the show will be on from 9pm - 10pm as part of the RockShow.  American Radio Station Grip of Delusion will play an encore of the show on Sunday 10th 10amEST/ 4pm CET /3pm UK time.

This months show features brand new tracks by Mugstar, Hotel Wrecking City Traders and Sula Bassana as well as Papir, Space Invaders and more !

Join me on the 9th and Psych-out !
Keep checking back on the blog, there's reviews coming up of albums by JuJu, Constantine, The Red Plastic Buddha and Causa Sui.
The RockShow Schedule for Saturday is

8pm...Dylan the Wolf - AltRock Anthems
9pm...Geoff leppard - Atom Heart Mutha
10pm...Zachsta - Heavy.As.Fuck.

You can here past shows on the Geoff Leppard Mixcloud page, HERE.
wwwbigjafnet is on Mixlr

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Album Review...Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Phantamonium

I think it's fair to say that great music has yet again arrived from Australia; recently I really enjoyed 'Mara' by Adelaide's stoner two-piece 'Filthy Lucre'.

'Phantamonium' is the latest release from Hotel Wrecking City Traders; a heavy psychedelic noise duo that have just released an LP with a strong emphasis on drum led, heavy instrumental rock on Sheffield's Evil Hoodoo Records.
For this release, the band have guest guitarist Raul Sanchez i Jorge (River of Snakes/Magic Dirt/midnight Woolf) on board, to add an extra dimension to the bands music.
Within the first minute of opening track 'Dusted Pines' the rhythmic drum patterns over spaced out guitar sounds promise something special; building through the pounding drums that ascend whilst the guitars become fuzzier and louder. The change in beat at the 7 minute mark, and the powerful percussion with the sound of sirens close the song perfectly. The title track follows and once more resonates a build; driven by drums as the guitar drone reaches its ear bleeding peak. 'Droned and disowned (Pt.1)' continues the formula of evolving into a powerful walls of noise; the 20 minute long (Pt.2) can be found on the bands recent 12" split with the band 'Hey Colossus'.  The final track of the LP is the brilliant 'Entering the Lodge'; a more intensely paced instrumental than the rest of the album that has a definite SpaceRock feel to it. There is a huge amount going on with this record; the feedback you experience heightens the musics intensity without overpowering it. At 40 minutes long, 'Phantamonium' demands multiple plays.
This album is available to buy digitally from their Bandcamp page. There are a limited amount on white 180g vinyl from  Evil Hoodoo Records.

Hotel Wrecking City Traders Bandcamp.

Bro Fidelity Records

Buy Phantamonium Here

Evil Hoodoo Bandcamp

Friday, 1 April 2016

Album Review...Terrascope - Paper Leaves Compilation

Highly respected and influential magazine Ptolemaic Terrascope is 25 years old and it's online incarnation Terrascope is celebrating its 10th year.
The magazine is an important champion of everything from Freakbeat and Psych, to punk and beyond, taking in the very best of Krautrock, Electronica and free Jazz. To celebrate, there's a limited run, vinyl only compilation 'Paper Leaves'; an 8 track Psych compilation, put together by the magazine. It features mostly unreleased music by artists that the  writers  have championed over the years.

Amongst the gems on offer here is ' Terrescopula Tempest' from Black Tempest; a really quite beautiful piece of  droned synth music with a feel not unlike a cinematic Tangerine Dream.  Elsewhere there's an a new interpretation of 'Young Girl Cut Down in Her Prime' from The Left Outsides, running at over 8 minutes; an intriguing folk track laden with  melancholic strings. The always fascinating White Hills offer up 'Thermal Head'; another slice of Sonic synth that plays out like a hypnotic mantra.  Bardo Pond's 'Pumori' closes the album in a loud 11 minute long feedback fueled Psych Rock noise ;complete with crashing drums and cymbals. It's Dead Sea Apes 'Universal Translator' from the album Spectoral Domain that stands out for me; slowly unraveling itself over a rolling baseline and space age soundscape that works it's way over 8 minutes. The track constantly builds and creates a deeper atmospheric tone as it progresses. Further  contributions from The Bevis Frond, Nick Nicely and Ben Chasny ensure that every play of this album offers a constantly engaging and rewarding listen; its an essential addition to any serious record collection.

Terrascope online

About Ptolemaic Terrascope

Buy Paper Leaves ( Vinyl Only ) Here.