Sunday, 31 January 2016

Februarys HeavyPsych

 February's show goes live at 9pm on the 13th as part of the RockShow, BigJaf will make an announcement Shortly but i can say theres a theme this month! Check back for details.
HeavyPsych will as always go out the following day on American Radio Station Grip of Delusion.

This month will have a second show going out on February 27th with the rather splendid Freaks from Thee Psychedelicatessen, more details of that as well as brand new album reviews coming soon.

Dig it.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

HeavyPsych January 2016 is Now Available to Hear Anytime.

Januarys HeavyPsych Show originally broadcast on and Grip of Delusion Radio can now be heard anytime, click the player and enjoy.
Previous shows are available on my Mixcloud page HERE.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Januarys HeavyPsych Show goes Live TONIGHT

BigJaf.nets RockShow goes live at 8, you can hear my show from 9pm UK time on the player below, it will go live as soon as the show starts. Tonight i'll be playing brilliant music from Föllakzoid, Wooden Ships, Nik Turner, Seven That Spells and more besides.
Tune in, and if you've got 'em, smoke 'em.
If you miss the live broadcast you can catch it again tomorrow on Grip of Delusion Radio 10am EST/ 4pm CET/ 3pm UK.
The Rock also features Dylan the Wolf playing 90's Alternative and Grunge at 8pm and Zachsta's Heavy.As.Fuck Show, at 10pm it'll be 3 hrs of awesome music, Join Us.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Album Review... Ecstatic Vision - Sonic Praise 2015

This might be one you missed last year but was one of my favourite records of 2015.  Ecstatic Vision formed a couple of years ago in Philadelphia and are already making a name for themselves as a live behemoth touring with the likes of Uncle Acid Acid and the Deadbeats and Enslaved.

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, Sonic Praise is special, a reminder of all of the best parts of Sabbaths Vol 4, of the greatest of Hawkwinds spaced-out heaviest Jams and the influences of bands like Aphrodites Child. Journey kicks off the album and stomps its way forward over a massive gravelly riff and vocal combination that sets the tone perfectly for whats  left to come. Which brings us to Astral plane, 12 magnificent minutes of the finest Heavy Psychedelic Rock to barrage through my speakers in 2015. The 4 minute build up of clapping drum sounds and huge bass build that lead to the fantastic guitars and groove that drive the track right the way through to the screaming ( yes, screaming ! ) saxophone. Its a thrilling ride getting through to the end and final line of the track " take what you want lord just don't kill my vibe ", fair enough, right?! because thats exactly what they ask of you next.
Don't kill the vibe carries on the groove as the heaviest of the 5 songs and leads in nicely to the title track of the album, Sonic Praise is like a dopefuelled trek through a fuzzed out planet of forests and smoke.  Album closer Cross the Divide comes in at just under 10 minutes and is great blend of tribal drumming and hazey grooves, a sonic sound worthy indeed of praise.
This record ( on beautiful orange and blue swirl vinyl ) has had repeated plays since its release in the summer of 2015, its blend of great Heavy Psychedelia and Krautrock influenced Stoner sounds is the perfect trip, one ( Judging by clips on YouTube ) thats expertly replicated live, so the sooner they hit the UK the better.

Ecstatic Vision on Bandcamp.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !

So as 2016 starts I'm posting a show from August featuring some great tracks by Table Scraps Hidria Spacefolk The Gaslamp Killer and Sgt.Sunshine. Enjoy !!
Januarys HeavyPsych will go live at 9pm on the 9th and will be repeated again on the following Sunday at Grip of Delusion Radio.

In February there will another Geoff Leppard/Thee Psychedelicatessen Psychedelic Basement Special, check back later this month for full details.  Plans are also afoot to take the Psychedelic Basement to clubs in the Midlands later this year, we hope to be able to give you more details soon.

For Now, Enjoy Augusts show and I'm looking forward to seeing where 2016 takes us !