Monday, 31 October 2016

Album Review... Autumn of Pækward - Cern

'Cern' is a project of "sound and composition" based around The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (French: Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire) known as CERN. The European Research Organisation   operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Established in 1954, the organisation is based in a northwest suburb of Geneva, on the Franco–Swiss border. It is also the concept around the latest release from Jocken Koch from Leipzig, Germany

'Cern' is one of those albums that takes its time to unfold. Opening track 'Canteen' is very much in keeping with cinematic electronic soundscapes, slowly building its  way, along an enthralling female vocal, that haunts through gothic drones. 'Wardrobe' has a pulsating rhythm, leading to sombre, spoken word before becoming a wonky synthetic pattern, with white noise droning.
What follows is a change of pace; 'Director's Office' at first, feels in keeping with the tone previously set but suddenly, reveals a Gilmouresque solo over laid a laid back staggered beat, its arrival is a surprise and elevates the album into a different galaxy.
'Cupboard' is atmospheric and befitting with the synthetic tones of the album and moves on to wonderful 'Attic', a track that, once more, evolves in an unexpected direction; this time into soaring Post Rock.  The record closes with the more ambient and mellow in mood ' Collider' bringing the record to a beautiful and wistful conclusion.

Tonzonen are really switched on when it comes to the diversity of sounds that the label releases. One of the great things about their output is they often don't follow expectations; 'Cern' is one such record; never quite conforming to a style considered ambient nor score-like, but not quite conventional in terms of rock music.

The album is mostly a peaceful trip, ambient in nature with an orchestral feel and multifaceted layers, but never afraid to expand into something grand and magnificent.  Real care has been made, in regards, to the feel and flow of the music.  The record is an unexpected treat.  Despite the mundane sounding song titles, this LP is anything but.

Tonzonen Records have put "Cern" out as a run of 500, 200 on regular black and 300 of clear vinyl.

Autumn of Pækward on Facebook

Buy Cern on Vinyl from Tonzonen Records HERE

Listen to Cern now on the Bandcamp player.

Monday, 24 October 2016

6 Brain Smashing Albums available to stream right now on BandCamp.

As the year comes to close there still appears a wealth of brilliant music out there getting released, especially right now.
Below is the Bandcamp Links to show Brand new and recent stuff you can stream and hear now.  Take some time and check this stuff out, theres some absolute gems.
And as Always, if you like what you hear support the artists and pay for the download, or check out their pages and buy a physical version.
A lot of the artists here will be selling vinyl versions and special edition packages


This is the third record by the Blues Stoner Trio from Adelaide and their strongest album to date. Taking in irresistible riffs and grooves as well as the blues edge that gives them a sound all of there own, theres  plenty to get stuck in to here within the Psychedelic magic.  Right now theres a strong stoner rock scene in Australia, check out Filthy Lucre and Hotel Wrecking City Traders, seriously fucking great music. !

Chickn - Chickn

Brilliant Psych Rock from Athens Greece and recently given a 180g vinyl release by INNER EAR RECORDS. Chicn deliver brilliant rock with a Psychy- Jazzy- Edge. The Bands bandcamp page says it best ....!!
This is a radio zapping on a 68-minute car drive. This is a field unfolding in front of your very eyes and at the same time a call of wandering. This is an attempt of some people to invent themselves through playing. This is Jetztzeit rock. A sound conceived as jump in the free sky of history.  Surely that sells it to you?!

Glitter Wizzard - Hollow Earth Tour

Glitter Wizzards new lp gets a welcome release on HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS
As the group enters it's ninth year, Glitter Wizard are set to release their most ambitious album yet. Hollow Earth Tour is a concept album of sorts; chock-full of reptilian overlords, underwater fascists, and inner-earth explorers. This band of California rifflords pillage the best of vintage hard rock while keeping their laser eyes on the future, creating a unique brand of oddball psychedelia. Absolutely essential listening !!

Kungens Män - Stockholm Maraton

We bid a welcome return to Sweden's Kungens Män to 2016 following last years LP Förnekaren.  The band are best known for their unique blend of Post rock style but the band are so much bigger than that, taking in Spacerock Jams and Krautrock Stockholm Maratan is so much more. You can Purchase this now to download or buy one of the super limited CDs in vinyl style packaging.

Arrowhead - Desert Cult Ritual

RIPPLE MUSIC  release the mammoth stoner rock masterpiece by Californian hard rockers Arrowhead Now ! 200 Virgin Black (9!!?) Los have been pressed to go along with the ltd CDs in 4 panel packaging.  Ever nicer is the beautiful Desert Moon Blue Lp, with only 100 pressed you need to catch one quick. The album is an absolute treat for fans of Desert Rock and Fuzzed up riffs and yet another quality release from Ripple music, a label thats dominated 2016.

The Gaslamp Killer - Instrumentalepathy

More likely to fall under the Hip Hop tag, William Benjamin Bensussen aka The Gaslamp Killer blends hard beats with psychedelic styles and eastern psych flavours, anyone lucky enough to see his live DJ sets will know that he can throw obscure middle eastern hip hop in with Dungen, Tame Impala, Fuzz and John Carpenter style horror soundtracks as well as a shitload of brilliant tracks you haven't even heard yet, a true master of the craft. Instrumentalepathy is the eagerly awaited follow up to 2102's 'Breakthrough' and is available on 2x 10" Splatter Vinyl and its all killer.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Album Review ... Asteroid - III

As 2016 comes to a close, it's fair to say that it's been a great year for new music. However, what is unusual, is that this year, in particular, the exciting new releases show no sign of slowing down. A wealth of accomplished new LP's are due for release in November.
In particular, III; the brand new album from Örebro's heavy, psychedelic rockers Asteroid, stands right out there.

The last release from the band was, unbelievably, in 2009, when the band released the highly acclaimed 'II'.  Fans of Asteroid will know that they have an incredible live reputation and continue to thrive as heavy touring trio.
 Following extensive time on the road, the band went into hiatus in 2013, and now (thankfully!) they're back.

The record opens with 'Pale Moon'; a confident rocker that unravels itself over a bounding bass line and some nifty psychedelic slide guitar.  When the vocals kick in, with a 70's rock feel, the song really opens up.  'Last Days' confidently bounds on in similar tones, but has a more psyched-up, trippy feel to it, within the riffs and rhythmic beating of the drums.  Follow on track 'Til Dawn' is a stoner boogie, and much more in keeping with the feel of past albums; it's got a killer, fuzzed out riff too!

Next up, is the standout song for me.  'Wolf & Snake'; a monster of a track, races along, over its grooving beats and bass like, QOTSA's dirtier cousin, whilst the shredding of the guitar leads to one massive stomping doom laden finale.

'Silver & Gold' offers a more spiritual layer to the feel of the record over guitar work that nods its head gently towards mid 70's Page or Gilmour. 'Them Calling' is a solid nuts and bolts, mid tempo stoner rock piece; a heavy stomp that you know could threaten to bring a building down whenever it's played live. The album concludes with 'Mr Strange', another cosmic rocker with some fantastic guitar work and more nods to Zeppelin and Page; the feel remains consistent with the rest of the album and it's a perfect track to close on.

Asteroid have delivered a striking and predominantly heavy record; the songs within aren't just written, they're crafted and developed in such a way that its almost impossible to forget them. There's a vintage rock feel within the contemporary style of heavy, psychedelic rock.  The band have retained their distinctive identity.  You get the sense that these tracks have been built to take to the road; something that the band have already made sure of.  A huge European tour has already been announced. This is a brilliant record that deserves to be sought out and heard. Also, check them out on tour.

Asteroid on Bandcamp

Asteroid on Facebook

Fuzzorama Records

Friday, 14 October 2016

Electric Moon - The Doomsday Machine

Sulatron Records have reissued the third Electric Moon album 'The Doomsday Machine on CD.
Originally released in 2011 to great acclaim, the music is intense and rhythmic and unveils itself over 5 wonderful tracks and 80 minutes. The idea behind this release was to look at combining music with visual art. The artwork included in this reissue are brilliant charcoal paintings by Ulla Papel aka Ulrich Mahn, The visuals are a perfect accompaniment to the sound of Electric Moon.
Sulatron are releasing the jewelcase edition with an 8 page booklet, the cover design was made by Lulu Artwork and is based on the trippy paintngs made by Ulla Papel. Recorded, mixed and produced by Sula Bassana and mastered by Eroc. The Doomsday Machine is another solid release by Electric moon and worthy of every Psychtrippers attention, click the link below to stream the album, theres a clickable link to purchase from Sulatron Records too, Dig It !

Electric Moon - The Doomsday Machine on Bandcamp

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Listen to Octobers RadioShow anytime on Mixcloud

Octobers RadioShow is now available to listen to anytime via the Mixcloud page and player below.
This show was originally broadcast as part of's online RockShow and again on American Radio Station Grip of Delusion

As always the artists from this months show will be tagged on the AHM Facebook page, and if you like what you hear, please support the artists by buying their music.
Band, Labels and PR Companies are always welcome to contact me to be considered for airplay or review via email. Until next time, play loud and enjoy!

Asteroid - Pale Moon
Wolf People - Ninth Night
Pinkish Black - Brown Rainbow
Black Explosion - Location 9
White Hills - No Game to Play
Jonathan Morgan - Xvarenah
Spaceking - 44
Salem's Bend - Sun and Mist
Grand Theft - Scream ( Its Eating Me Alive )
Geezer - Sunday Speed Demon
Kadavar- Come Back to Life
New Planet Trampoline - There is Nothing More to Say

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Album Review...Salem's Bend - Salem's Bend.

Salem's Bend, from California are the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Bobby Parker.  Following some time experimenting, in his garage, with recording techniques; Bobby mastered the album last year and it went up on to Bandcamp in December 2015.  It was there where the music gained a lot of attention and things started gathering pace.  Now a three-piece touring band, Salem's Bend are signed to rock label Ripple Music and are about to formally release the album on physical formats.

Right from the tapping intro and racing beats of opener 'Balshazzar' it is clear where this record will take you. Coming off like a desert rock Thin Lizzy, Bobby's vocal stands out over the brilliant guitar work. 'Queen of the Desert' builds to its screaming climax by way of a Plantesque vocal style and fuzzed up riffs, whilst the influences of band become more apparent.
The brilliant 'Losing Sleep' is wrapped up in a massive QOTSA bundle, from the guitar, right down to the smashed up drums.  'Sun and Mist' offers up a 70's hard rock track, with a funked up bass and sonic shredding guitar solo.  As with a few other album releases that come to mind from this year, there's also the spectre of early Sabbath or mid era Zeppelin being invoked, particularly on tracks like 'Mammoth Caravan'.  Not that it matters, but if you want to wear your influences on your sleeve, what better bands are there?
The LP closes with 'A Tip of Salem', a dark bluesy crawl, that grows into an epic explosion of blistering guitars and ends heavy and pounding over some spectacular guitar riffs and cymbal work just like witches at black masses!

Bobby and his crew make this sound all too easy, given the technical processes that have been employed to write and record the songs; the music just flows effortlessly.  As debut albums go, this and the debut record by The Judge (also on the same label) has to be one of the best I've heard in a while; the record is an instant hit, and it's a great listen, rocking from start to finish. You can really tell that this is a set that will blow your ears and mind live.
It seems that Ripple have had an incredible second half to 2016; I don't know how and where they are finding these bands, but long may it continue.

Salem's Bend on Facebook

Buy Salem's Bend from Ripple Music HERE

Salem's Bend on Bandcamp

Boobs of Doom 8 - WOW IS DEAD

The unbelievably prolific Scottish Technonoizesters Boobs of Doom are back again with a followup to this summers 'Boobs of Doom7/(((WHITE NOISE)))'.
WOW IS DEAD gets an official release on October 30th on Bandcamp for free but is being released as a 'Charityware' album, this means that if you decide to purchase the album, you do so by taking it for free but consider donating the cost to one of the bands notable charities.

The album itself is SadSack and Thumper's most accomplished to date, their usual trademark ear bleeds are still present, this time though there are more beats, much more cohesion and a clearer narrative.  The album is also a love letter of sorts to  World of Warcraft, a game personally important to the band members themselves as it served as a catalyst for the formation of Boobs of Doom. the band themselves offer this explanation around the albums themes, "WOW IS DEAD" is a concept album about grief, sadness, madness and finding solace; one warscarred orc sets out with his best friend, a 2000 yr old undead blood elf, to avenge the death of his beloved, and, in doing so uncovers an eons old revenge plot with world-colliding apocalyptic ramifications; running parallel: one man (and his cat) trying to cope with the recent death of his wife finds escape in an online fantasy world and solace in using his guildmates as an emotional crutch; then, both world start to bleed...

The music itself takes bleak caustic soundscapes and moulds them electronically into something wonderful, taking in nods to Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, Dalek as well as dark doom laden techo and slugs of heavy duty stoned beats.

The links below will take you directly to the charities the band request you donate to:


The Scottish Association for Mental Health

Children's Hospital of Orange County

GIFT (Gastroparesis & Intestinal Failure Trust)

Make a Wish

Sunday, 2 October 2016

10 Albums you need to hear right now on Bandcamp.

Bandcamp continues to be a treasure trove for new music. Below are embedded players to new and recent music, click the links to hear the albums; clicking the title of the album will take you direct to the bandcamp page.
If you like what you hear please support the artist by buying their music, in most cases the bandcamp page will have links to purchase Vinyl and CD versions too. Enjoy!

Telstar Sound Drone - Magical Solutions to Everyday Problems.

Copenhagens TSD bring Heavy Psychedelia but with Shoegaze Drone, self produced and released earlier this year on Bad Afro Records .  The album is multi layered and dark in ton, it demands  multiple and plays is one of the most rewarding listens of this year.

Monolord - Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze.

Recently released as a 10inch vinyl single, Swedens Monolord showcase a mastery of the riff, whilst comparisons are being made to Black Sabbath these 2 tracks serve to suggest that band have something special up their sleeves yet to be delivered. Coloured versions of the 10 inch are available from Riding Easy Records.

Fuzz Evil - Fuzz Evil

Arizona Trio Fuzz Evil have just released this dirty rocking  Lp on Battleground Records.
Fans of Kyuss, QOTSA and Desert Rock will find plenty to love here over the 6 tracks, if its riffs you want, Fuzz Evil have plenty of 'em.

Various - Meantime (Redux)

Famed for their outstanding Redux of the classic Jimi Hendrix Album'Electric Ladyland', Magnetic Eye Records have just released a redux of the Classic 1992 Helmet album 'Meantime'. Featuring great HeavyPsych bands Ironweed, Kings Destroy and Liver, this version gets a release on handsome looking Tricolour vinyl.

Dead Sea Apes - Soy Dios.

Manchester's Dead Sea Apes Debut ep gets a welcome joint reissue from Cardinal Fuzz and Sky lantern records, released 5 years ago this psychedelic journey takes on Electro/Ambient and Avant-Garde Psychedelic rock, if you haven't heard their brilliant album 'Spectoral Domain' too, seek it out.

Nawksh - Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II

Hailing from Karachi and signed to Tokyo's Gururguru Brain label, Nawksh make psychedelic electronic music in the vein of Animal Collective or bands more associated with record label 'Warp'. Completely original and intriguing, the album moves in unexpected directions. Recently Nawksh played at the liverpool international festival of Psychedelia, weirdly wonderful.

Foghound - The World Unseen.

Foghound recently released this brilliant slab of Stoner/HardRock on Ripple Music, as you'd expect the songs are tight and focused.  Armed with a formidable reputation as a live act, Foghound have also delivered a highly aclaimed album that ranks amongst the best of an already strong year of releases for their label.

Hypnopazūzu - Create Christ, Sailor Boy.

Hypnopazūzu is a joint project by David Tibet of Current 3 and Killing Joke bassist and producer Youth. CCSB is a weird yet compelling album of soundscapes made mostly with Youths Moog and Vox Repeater Vintage guitar. Its strangely cinematic and psychedelic and at times darkly manic, however, its unlike most things you've heard this year, recommended.

Children of Leir - (3rd)

Leicester's Children of Leir recently released this new album as a ltd edition CD with a hand-drawn cover. The music is a wonderful mix of Psychedelic Dream Pop and Shoegaze with instantly memorable tracks. The drones seem experimental and yet the 6 tracks are tight and focused, there's some really skilful songwriting here and much to enjoy.

Salem's Pot - Pronounce This

Released earlier this summer on Riding Easy Records, 'Pronounce This' is a clever blend of psychedelic and stoner rock with its roots planted in 70s inspired riffs and rhythm. The band are clearly influenced by horror movies and John Carpenter, its those themes that elevate this album into something more interesting than the usual stoner/doom fare, good stuff.