Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow October 2016

The next Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow will go out live Online at 9pm Uk time on October 8th as part of the RockShow, as always there will be an encore performance the next day on American Radio Station Grip of Delusion
Tune in for a whole heap of music including some brand new tracks from Asteroid, Geezer and Wolf People as well as more great HeavyPsychedelicStonerFuzzSpacerock.
There will be a link to the player on the AHM Facebook page at the time of broadcast.

Until then playback the show from October 2015 on the player below (back when the show was called HeavyPsych)


Electric Eye - Immigrant Song
Vintage Cucumber - Ufo Freunde
Dead Sea Apes - Regolith
Astroqueen - Superhuman God 
Radio Moscow - So Alone
Riverside - Beyond the Eyelids
Sammal - Aika on Alkamassa 
Ecstatic Vision - Cross the Divide 
Dungen - Franks Kaktus

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jonathan Morgan - For the Love of Jimi Hendrix

Few artists have had such an impact in such short time.  Unbelievably, this week marks the 46th anniversary of the death of Jame Marshall Hendrix; his work remains highly reveered and his craft as a musician marvelled at.

To celebrate Jonathan Morgan has made his "For the Love of Jimi Hendrix' available on soundcloud in 3 parts, this work has been unreleased until now.
The music is a cerebral trip made with love and respect of Jimi and his legacy,
Jonathan recorded the music onto reel to reel in the Summer of (Love) 2013, tand says that "these jams are deeply inspired by the guitar works of Jimi Hendrix & Robin Trower". The jams total to over 2 and a half hours in length, and span over one and a half reel tapes.
Tape 1 was recorded on both sides at 7 & 1/2 inches per second (IPS) and tape 2 just on one side a 3 & 3/4 inches per second (IPS).
Click the player below and Enjoy.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Album Review Svvamp - Svvamp

Read the original review for Midlands Rocks HERE

Swedish trio Svvamp are a group of friends that came together through a love of jamming, rock, folk and blues.  The band are described as being without self conscious pretence; a band that truly echoes the vibe and mood of an era where the rulebooks were burned. This debut album was recorded by the band themselves.

Opening track 'Serpent in the Sky' is a mid paced, bluesy, rock prowl. Shades of Paul Rogers and Free are there within the mix. 'Fresh Cream' unsurprisingly, sounds very much like Clapton and Co, and there are nods to Zeppelins 'How Many More Times' on 'Burning Down'.

The album settles down to a more blissful state with 'Free at Last' and the wonderful 'Time' has an easy going, southern rock vibe going on.
The Standout track for me 'Big Rest' follows and somehow manages to have the spirit of the Grateful Dead inhabit it; as a big fan of GD, it's a high compliment to pay them.
Elsewhere, on the record things take a weighty turn with 'Blue in the Face' and 'Oh, Girl' before closing with the acoustic sounding 'Down by the River' which musically has an upbeat feel.

It's fair to say my level of anticipation for this record was high, so high in fact that on the first listen I didn't hear anything matching my expectations. I was open to something very heavy, given the current releases from label Riding Easy Records.
It was on the second play that I realised I'd missed the point.
Svvamp aren't a band with hard rocking 70's Deep Purple intent; it's not about the heavy hook and blistering solo's; instead the band craft brilliant songs emotively, and they are often soulfully driven. There's no doubt that their music is rooted in another decade; but its delivery is done in a highly skilled and wonderfully laid back manner. Don't be mistaken, there are rockers on here, but its tracks like 'Time' are submerged in Creedence Clearwater Revival and Rich Robinsons southern harmony stylings are where the band shine beautifully. There are plenty of bands out there right now doing a decent job of emulating rocks (arguably) finest decade, however Svvamp are doing it in a far better way; there are a wealth of influences that are easy to pick up on yet the band manage with ease to take them and make something with a very definite identity of their own.
This is an album that you'll be able to put on again and again for years to come, highly recommended.

Svvamp on Facebook

Buy Svvamp at Riding Easy Records

Monday, 19 September 2016

Album Review...Baby Woodrose - Freedom

Has it really been 4 years since Baby Woodrose released thier last album 'Third Eye Surgery'?
Maybe it doesn't feel that long as Lorenzo Woodrose hasn't really gone away; his other band Spids Nøgenhat have gained a large amount of popularity in his native Denmark, winning 2 Danish Grammies for the album 'Kommer Med Fred". If you haven't already, you should seek it out.

'Freedom' feels like a heavier record than previous releases. From the very first track 'Reality'; Han Beck pounds the drums and drives the track alongside the guitar riff brilliantly, whilst lyrically, there's a cynical tone; it's a killer combination.

'21st Century Slave' has a great psych groove to it and talks about "the thought police breaking down his door" . 'Open Doors' has a contemporary Spencer Davis Group feel to it. There are a couple of more mellower offerings; the acoustic stylings of 'Peace' as well as the laid back 'Mantra' give some balance to the albums tone musically.  'Red the Signpost' by contrast, is a heavy psychedelic rock freak-out and a joyful noise of screaming guitar solos and space rock effects.

The standout track is, without question, the title track 'Freedom' an old gospel standard that was played famously as an improvisational piece by Richie Havens at Woodstock in '69.  The song is covered here with passion and given a 21st century facelift as a massive cosmic kaleidoscopic beast; one of the best covers you'll hear this year, for sure !

15 years on and now album number 7 and Woodrose and the band are on great form.  The music is sonically charged with energy and loaded with themes of mind control, brainwashing, slavery and oppression; the message is clear through; don't let the bastards grind you down.

This album has been recorded and mixed using tape for an "analogue" approach and utilises the recorded live in the studio to good affect.  Freedom is a highly vibrant and enjoyable listen; it lends itself well to loud volume and leaves no doubt the songs here on the album will blow your mind when you get to hear them played live.

Baby Woodrose Facebook

Bad Afro Records

Friday, 16 September 2016

In Conversation - Salem's Bend.

Salem's Bend are a new signing to Ripple Music and their debut gets a vinyl release in early-October.  I spoke with guitarist/vocalist Robert 'Bobby' Parker and asked about the album, the technical processes of recording, and experiences playing live.

What can you tell me about the background of recording the album?

We recorded it during 2014 and finished mid-2015.  Initially, it started as an experiment with recording. I did all the engineering and mixing and each song was sort of an experiment with different miking techniques that I learned over the past six years of recording.  When I'd learn about a new technique, I'd want to try it out and so I would record a song that I'd written in the past couple years to test it out.  We converted our garage into a recording/practice room, with soundproofing and acoustic treatments that we built ourselves, so it was easy to get in there and record any time.

So I'd try out different mics on the drums, like the Glyn Johns method with four mics, or using eight mics with close mics on all the drums, or miking up the drum kit with only two mics out in the room.  For most of them, the drums were recorded on my four-track tape machine, a Teac 3440, except for one or two songs where I used more than four mics.  I'd then play back from the tape into ProTools to record the rest of the instruments.

Several of the songs started as a mic test, and if it sounded cool then it would turn into a full song.  I'd try different miking methods for my guitars and for bass as well, and I used a different amp or pedal for each song, just to experiment with different tones and to try to capture unique sounds for each track.  I've become obsessed with collecting amps over in the past couple years and have way too many, a bunch of weird amps, too!

After recording several songs, I realized that they sounded pretty decent, so I figured why not record a few more and have an album's worth of songs. Some of the songs started as riffs I wrote as far back as 2009 and a couple were written in the studio and created during the recording process.

Once I had the instruments sounding good, I then added vocals. I usually do vocals last and I'd also try weird effects like running my vocal track into a guitar amp with spring reverb and overdrive or whatever, just to try different stuff out.   

Final step was getting it mastered by a guy here in LA named Tom Rogers, and he was really helpful – we went back and forth to get the CD master.  Then Tony Reed did the master for vinyl and he's a well-known bad-ass, a heavy hitter in this scene.  

Sounds like it was something you wanted to get right technically, how does that affect the amount of time you get to play live? Is there a balance or as a band do you take things head-on?

It started out as just recording, so all the time was spent in the studio.   Then once the songs were written and put out there on Bandcamp and got some attention, it was time to take them live.  Kevin was down for bass and I met Zach and he was a great fit for the drums, so we've been spending all this year since the spring working on the live show and adjusting the songs for the stage.  The songs were written to be able to be reproduced live, and Kevin and Zach have really come through as a fantastic rhythm section and integral players for our three-piece.

What were you listening to throughout the recording process?

Throughout the recording processing I was listening to all sorts of songs, new and old. Lots of classic ‘70s bands were inspirations for tones and song structure.  I had found a bunch of more obscure ‘70s acts that really gave me great ideas, bands like Dust, Lucifer’s Friend, Cozy Powell's solo stuff, Dirty Tricks, Buffalo, and especially Toad – man, I love Toad!  And, of course, the classics like Sabbath, Priest, Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, Deep Purple, Pentagram, etc.  But also newer rock groups like Witch, Kadavar, Uncle Acid, Red Fang, Mountain Witch, Mamont, Radio Moscow, Blues Pills, Graveyard, etc.  I could go on forever. I'm constantly listen to all kinds of music! 

The album sleeve is very bold, how did you come up with the concept?

I came up with the album art idea a couple years ago.  It's based on the wall of dire wolf skulls at the La Brea Tarpits.  I thought it captured the heavy aesthetics of the music and also subtly referencing the song concepts, which are based around ancient stories, retro sci-fi/fantasy books, and classic ‘70s heavy rock. 

You’ve signed to Ripple Music. How did that come about?

We got hooked up with Ripple through Bandcamp, basically.  We posted the album up in late-December last year and a guy named Bucky heard it and liked it and sent it to Todd at Ripple.  Todd contacted me in January to talk about it and I was also contacted by another small label, but Todd and Ripple seemed like a great fit so I ended up signing the album with them and it was a great choice.  So many excellent bands on Ripple and everyone is really nice and helpful.  They got us hooked up with a West Coast tour with KIND in June and that was awesome, so I'm quite happy with the choice. 

How about plans to tour outside the United States?

We would love to tour outside the US, one of the KIND guys told us that touring in Europe was a little better since the venues and promoters are a bit more generous, mostly, or have more of a budget for bands, so they pay a little a better and hook you up with free booze and food a lot of the time, which sounds great to us! We are just looking for any good opportunities and would jump at the chance to tour outside the US. 

How does it feel knowing the release is imminent, does it make you want to get back in to the studio?

We are excited for the release and to hear the album on vinyl, and I am definitely ready to hit the studio again for another album, I've got tons of new riffs and we've jammed out some cool ideas together during practice, so I hope to put out a second album next year.

Thanks for catching up Bobby, are there any new/up and coming bands people should keep an eye out for?

Yes, there are a couple great bands to keep your eye out for who are coming up in LA.  One is The Rare Breed- we played with these guys at our LA stop during the tour and they are radical!  They just dropped their full length album "Looking for Today" and its fuckin awesome!  Super solid grooves and riffs, they are a great doom rock group to definitely keep your eye on.  Another great local band who has been around for a couple years and should definitely be on your radar is Electric Parlor.  Excellent classic rock 'n roll band, definitely a must-hear, and our drummer Zach plays with them as well (he started the band with the other guys a few years ago). 

Salem's Bend S/T gets a vinyl release on Ripple Music on October 6th.

Salem's Bend on Facebook

Ripple Music

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow September 2016 is now available to hear anytime on Mixcloud

This months show is now available to hear offline anytime on the Atom Heart Mutha Mixcloud or via the player below.  Septembers show was originally broadcast on and Grip of Delusion Radio.
Theres lots of brand new tracks here,  as always all artists and labels are tagged on the Facebook post, if you like what you hear please support the artists by buying thier music.

Track list:
Salem's Bend - Silverstruck
Bad Acid - Bad Acid
Ironweed - Give it
Old Man's Will - Ellington
Svvamp - Blue in the Face
Valis - Universe Inside my Mind
Dead Rabbits - I Don't Want to Die Today
Children of Leir - Shades
Baby Woodrose - Mind Control Machine
Mugstar - kabuki Skull
The Gaslamp Killer - Residual Tingles
Boobs of Doom - Nihilism: Thanks for Nothing
Throw Down Bones - A Premise to Action
Jakob Skøtt - Iron Nebula

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

For Nepal - A Charity LP Compilation by Evil Hoodoo Records.

On 25th April 2015, Nepal experienced an earthquake so bad that over 8000 people lost their lives, more than 21,000 were injured and hundreds of thousands were made homeless as whole villagers were flattened due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.
Thom Bettney runs Sheffield Record Label Evil Hoodoo, and at the time strongly felt he should visit Kathmandu (the worst hit city) in September 2013 to work with the ostracised widows of the city to help get work for them.
Thom explains "I experienced first hand the incredible generosity and love the people of Nepal have for visitors. For the two weeks I was there, I was made to feel like one of them, always greeted with a smile and a cup of chai. I met women who had nothing to their name yet they still offered me food and drink.The complete lack of greed has never left me and I hope has changed me for the better."
Thom concludes "When I heard about the earthquake, I was devastated and started to think what I could do to raise money to help with the aftermath and the immense clean up job to begin to rebuild the homes and businesses of the people of Nepal"

Thom began working on the idea of for 'For Nepal' by writing to and sending emails to friends in bands and bands that he loved in the hope the odd one might donate a track or in some cases donate one for the project. The responses were unexpectedly quick, for the chance to curate  idea; Thom was "blown away by the response" and as a result, FOR NEPAL is now a 88 minute, 14 track monster spread over 4 sides of vinyl.
100% of the profits of this record will go to the WHR (Women for Human Rights) organisation in Kathmandu. Since the earthquake happened, the ladies at WHR have been producing clothing and blankets and supplying much needed food for anyone in need and the funds raised from this record will go directly to helping this greatly needed source of aid.
You can find out more information about WHR  by CLICKING HERE
For Nepal is Limited to 500 records on White / Black swirl vinyl. Bands included are Mugstar, Gnod, Carlton Melton, Hey Colossus,The Myrrors, Sex Swing, Jason Simon of Dead Meadow, Dechemia (John Gibbons from Bardo Pond), Dead Sea Apes, Happy Meals, Spandril, Horrid, Winter Drones and Flamingods. Almost all of the songs have been made and recorded or donated specifically for this album which was Released July 11th, and there are just under 100 copies left at For Nepal Big Cartel

The songs themselves are eclectic, ranging from the brilliant 'Kabuki Skull' from Mugstar and the fantastic 'True Believers Version'  from Dead Sea Apes.  In terms of style there is heavy psychedelic music, there is also a lean towards the strange with the 12 minute long mantra of 'Centers by Dechemia; there is also moments of drone courtesy of Jason Simons and the shoegazeresque Sex Swing.  The album also boasts stand out tracks by The Myrrors and Gnod.  The album is well balanced in style and tone and a compilation works incredibly well as a whole.

Evil Hoodoo Records have curated something special here; the record brings together some of Psychs current Heavyweights and delivers one of the best Compilations you'll hear this year. There are less than 100 vinyl copies left so order now for £21.00,  use the links below on the link below as these are going to sell out very quickly, help support a good cause and treat your ears at the same time.

                                                                The Record Comes in this rather nice X2 Black and White Splatter Vinyl

Monday, 5 September 2016

Album Review Dead Rabbits - Everything is a Lie

Southampton's Dead Rabbits formed in 2011. Since then, they've been busy gaining a reputation as a brilliant live act. To date, they've played countless gigs and tours, throughout the UK and Europe – appearing at Eindhoven Psych Lab, Common People, Cosmosis Festival and have shared the stage with the likes of The Warlocks, Yuck and Crystal Stilts. This month sees the follow up to 2014s Time is your Only Memory on Fuzz Club Records.

The album opens with title track 'Everything is a Lie', a woozy swirling wall of noise with swagger; the layered guitars and vocals melt together in a glorious shoe gazing noise. 'Honestly' follows with a great baseline and an energetic drumbeat, keeping the record going, without dropping the pace.
'Get Me Over There' is more Psych in tone and holds a little hint of BJM's later offerings, whilst 'Someday' is slower affair, but are far more mesmeric. Side 2 opens with current single 'All Your Little Lies'; its a weighty track, again demonstrating the many flourishes of confidence that can be heard throughout the record. Standout track 'I Don't Want to Die Today' has a great baseline running through it, whilst the drums energetically drive the track on. The record closes with 'You Already Know'; feedback leads the way to a dazzling wall of noise and drumbeats; it's a fuzzed up noise of massive proportions, and a great way to finish a great record.

Dead Rabbits have upped their game this time around; this is an album to get lost in. Just like label mates The Cult of Dom Keller, Dead Rabbits have made an immersive and well produced record that will appeal to psych-heads and lovers of bands like Spacemen 3 and Loop. There's a mass of noise within the album continuing to prove that 2016 has been a fascinating year and there's a wealth of new music to be discovered; Dead Rabbits made an album that will delight fans, as well as introduce a new cohort to something great.  Play this LP very loud with, or without, headphones.

Highly recommended.

Dead Rabbits Facebook

Dead Rabbits Bandcamp

Fuzz Club Records Facebook

Fuzz Club Records

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Next Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow Goes out on September 10th

Atom Heart Mutha September 2016 goes live Online on September 10th 9pm Uk time as part of the RockShow. The Encore Broadcast goes out the next day on Grip of Delusion Radio 10amEST/4pmCET/3pmUK.
More details will be available soon on the AHM Facebook Page.
Until then, enjoy a playback of September 2015s show from back when the show was called HeavyPsych, heres the tracklist...

Golden Void - Virtue
Out of the Earth - Need
Samsara Blues Experiment - Flipside Apocalypse
Secret Saucer - Atom Smasher
Sergeant Thunderhoof - Pity for the Son
Levitating Churches - Till Death Do Us Party
Jonathan Morgan - Kundalini Snake
Darter - Tired Nature
Hills Rise Again
Titan - Wooded Alter Beyond the Wander

As always, if you'd like to be considered for the show or LP review, please email me for the address to send promos to.

Enjoy !