Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fuzz Club Records Records Sampler up on Soundcloud

Fuzz Club Records have a cool sampler up on Soundcloud right now, click on the player and check out some cool tracks by Dead Skeletons, Tau, Dead Rabbits, Radar Men From The Moon, Sonic Jesus and much more, if you like what you hear check out the bands on bandcamp and show some support.

Fuzz Club Records

Fuzz Club Records on Facebook

Fuzz Club Records on Bandcamp

Monday, 27 June 2016

The next Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow goes out live July 9th

The next AHM RadioShow goes out on July 9th at 9pm uk time, you'll be able to listen to it live online as it goes out.
The details will be announced soon, but until then, enjoy the show from July 2015 (back when the show was called HeavyPsych)


Birth of Joy - Smile
Gonga - Tungsten Gold
Kadaver - Doomsday Machine
The Heads - Don't Know Yet
Can - Mother Sky
The Oscillation - Future Echo
Hookworms - Away/Towards
Lumerians - Laser Barn
United States of America - The Garden of Earthly Delights
Ecstatic Vision - Astral Plane
Boobs of Doom - Church and Tears

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Album Review...Solo Organ - Atom Heart and Beyond the Infinite

Something at little more unusual coming from Douglas Katelus, a film maker from San Francisco.  Aside from films, Doug produces music; usually heavy free form Jazz.  This project was born from an idea to do something, a little more insular, personal.

'Atom Heart and Beyond the Infinite'  was developed using a long piece of music familiar to many and played live against a visual from Stanley Kubrick's 2001 (after the Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite segment). Knowing the source material, it's easy to see that this, as a concept, would work.

Track one 'Atom Heart Mother' is an interpretation of  Pink Floyds epic 1972 'Atom Heart Mother Suite' played through entirely on Hammond Organ.  Whilst slightly shorter in length to the original, the track plays the various parts of suite without any backing. What a wonderful, clever piece this is. Whilst on the surface, a cover version of an already sprawling and epic suite, by a band constantly evolving through experimentation; the track is played out and reinterpreted, by using almost minimalistic drones, yet remaining faithful to this much loved work.  This new translation offers a different side, in a unusually almost cinematic manner. In effect, Douglas has made the isolation of the other instruments, used by Pink Floyd, to expose another dynamic, or edge to the music.

The second side 'And the World Weeps/Beyond/AXIS' is an 18 minute long experimental Psychedelic Jazz piece, taking in slow drones and dramatic free form bursts; it's a cosmic track, sonically driven by other worldly organ sounds. It works nicely as a whole piece, whilst you follow the atmospheric Journey; it also compliments the A side nicely.

Whilst I'm influenced in some small manner (for obvious reasons) as to whether or not I enjoyed the LP; I can see that its appeal may well lie in how well you know or love the original Atom Heart Mother Suite.  I'm also aware that the sound of the Hammond organ itself has some adjuration and the second side of the album will most likely be an enjoyable prospect for those people.
I can only imagine, at the moment, how a live playback with Kubrick's visuals would be; but as an artistic statement.  It's definitely an intriguing one, that the adventurous listener should seek out.
The album is available to stream on bandcamp or can be purchased on limited edition blue vinyl.  It's  a beautiful, thoughtfully presented and packaged record (the colour is the same as a past blue release of Atom Heart Mother by Floyd themselves).  Grab one before they sell out.

Solo Organ on Bandcamp

Buy Solo Organ from Aquarius records

Douglas Katelus Official Site

Friday, 17 June 2016

Album Review....Landing - Third Sight

El Paraiso's run of exceptional releases in 2016 continue.  This month 'Third Sight' by Landing was  released as part of the labels Impetus series. The band, from Conecticut, have been around for a couple of decades; the musicians style has (much like this LP) never stood still. In fact, their back catalogue, shows an evolution in genres and techniques; never staying and taking root and never really settling down.
'Delusion Sound' quietly loops its way over a background of drone, building its way to a drumbeat, echoey vocals and understated guitars.  The whispery harmonies intrigue and tranquilize as the song slowly gravitates towards its conclusion.
'Third Sight' gently pulsates at first over a single note, as the background landscapes become more visible and almost unsteady in tones. 'Facing South' is very short compared to the other tracks and retains the Eno-like feel that the album often visits.
The album closes with the beautiful 'Morning Sun'.  Almost all of the song is a hazy instrumental; there's a brief charming vocal two thirds of the way in, before giving way to more shaky ambience.
Each of the 4 tracks within, evolve organically, and take shape without ever feeling forced or rushed. The album itself is a trip; a mellow and cloudy state of mind.

What Landing have achieved can easily be defined as intelligent soundscapes, encompassed in hushed tones.  There's a beauty within the dreamlike melodies that elevates the multi facets of the music. EL Paraiso have excelled themselves once more by releasing a record that reaches further into the listeners consciousness and stays there long after listening; relax and float downstream; it's worth it.

Landing Official Site

El Paraiso Records

Landing Bandcamp

Buy Third Sight on Ltd edition Green Vinyl

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Album Review... No Man's Valley - Time Travel

I'll say it again; It's cool to get invited to hear music from bands you're not familiar with; and No Man's Valley are new to me.
A quick search shows that the Dutch band have 2 previously released EP's; 'Mirror's Image' and 'And Four Other Songs'.  The band are now releasing their first full length record, recorded at Sputnik Studios, Belgium.
Opening to steady, pace setting hand claps; 'The Man Who Would be King' is a chant; a short introduction to that leads to 'Kill the Bees' a cool rock number with bluesy psych feel.
'Sinking the Lifeboat' is a nice, blissed out tune that moves along fluently onto the wonderful 'Love or Axe Murder'; a sinister track that builds brilliantly (and currently my favourite on the album) with Jasper Hesselink's almost charming Nick Cavesque vocal. 'Man Who Walked Backwards' is more blues rock again and the title track is an addictive, bouncy piece; one of those great songs you'll remember from the first time you hear it.  The album closes with 'Goon' which oddly brings to mind a gravel free voiced Tom Waits.
By the time you've finished listening to this LP, you'll realize the band couldn't have named their debut anything else. There's a whole heap of influences in the mix; there's a little of The Doors in there, particular in some of the keyboard licks, there are also some nods to Pink Floyd and Iggy Pop's 'The Passenger'. Its good stuff and it shows a happy adoration for music from decades gone by. Listening is a lot like stepping back and time traveling; it's an enjoyable debut by a band that benefit from a tight sound and  an interesting vocalist.  This band will, hopefully, find a wide audience and be a round for a while.

No Man's Valley Official Website

No Man's Valley Facebook

No Man's Valley Bandcamp

Preorder/Purchase Time Travel on Vinyl/CD/Download

Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records Summer Sampler now on Bandcamp

Brooklyn Label Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records have put together a cool summer sampler on Bandcamp. The album features 11 tracks by The Myrrors, Kikagaku Moyo, Eerie Wanda, Elkhorn and Heaters.
Its up for free on download or pay what you like, however should you pay $5 or more you get entered into a prize draw to win either a nice looking' 'Heads'  Tee designed by Nik Rayne from The Myrrors. Also up for prizes are test pressings of 'Entranced Earth' by The Myrrors and 'Baptistina' by Heaters.

You can check out the samplers Bandcamp page HERE , You can also buy physical releases from the Beyond Beyond is Beyond store HERE

Get on it !

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Listen Back to Atom Heart Mutha - June 2016 Anytime.

Junes show is now available to hear anytime on the Mixcloud page or on the player below.
This months show featured a wealth of brand new tracks from albums out at the time of broadcast by West,Space & Love, Cult of Dom Keller, Slow Season, The Myrrors, No Mans Valley, Melody Fields, Psychic Ills and Farflung.  The tracks from Out of the Earth and Birth of Joy are both off recent releases too.

Big thanks as always to the bands and labels involved, if you like what you hear please support the artists, there's a post on my Facebook page linked to this blog post, all the links and tags will be live.

Big thanks to my Bro Matt Rider for the use of his Cacti Pic !

Thanks again for listening and always looking for new music to review, play and hopefully use in some of the upcoming live shows, contact me if you want to send me your Lps/Cds/Mp3s.

Until next time...

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Album Review...Out of the Earth - Out of the Earth

Out of the Earth are 3 piece from Greece and are relatively new, having formed only a couple of years ago.  Guitarist/vocalist Thanos sounds a hell of a lot like Chris Cornell; I mention it now because its the first thing EVERYONE notices!

Out of the Earth play fuzzed up tracks in a very cool stoner rock way. There's a synergy between the 3 musicians here, immediately apparent from the opening track 'Need'; a really smart riff driven druganaut, boasting an awesome solo. The title track is heavy and gravelly; and again a number that has nods to 'Badmotorfinger' especially in structure and style.
'All Mine' is a dirty blues stomper, whist 'Crave' displays outstanding bass work by Stelios. In fact, all of the musicianship on this LP is tight throughout and there's some exceptional drumming to be heard; especially on standout track 'My Way'.

There's much to like about Out of the Earth.  This cool debut, given that the band formed mid 2014 and put this record out a year later ,  shows promise for the years to come.  I'm sure this band are going to get bigger and better and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next. Lovers of heavy stoner grooves are gonna get a kick out of this;  essential listening.

Smash records have just put the album out on reissue on cd and Ltd edition vinyl, they're selling fast so don't hang around!

Out of the Earth Bandcamp

Buy Out of the Earth on CD/LP from Smash Records

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow - June 2016

Atom Heart Mutha's June show goes out live online on Saturday 11th at 9pm UK time as part of the RockShow.  Tune in and listen to brand new tracks from brand new albums by Slow Season, Farflung, The Cult of Dom Keller, The Myrrors and much more besides.

As always the Mixlr player below will go live at 8pm for Dylan the Wolf's Altrock Anthems show, AHM is next,t and following at 10pm there's a brilliant show featuring new and unsigned metal from Tony Gaskin, all you need to do is click play, easy!!

If you missed Mays show theres link to the mixcloud player to listen back to anytime, there's a playlist photo underneath, its 60 minutes of cool shit, get on it!wwwbigjafnet is on Mixlr

Doomed & Stoned - That Seventies Compilation... Listen to the full album now On BandCamp

Doomed & Stoned have put together a cool compilation of rad 70's rock featuring new/unsigned/commited to small label bands. This 26 track monster represents a growing scene of artists with a style and vibe deeply rooted in a decade where rock began to evolve and take on the world.  Amongst the wealth of awesome music are tracks by Demon Head, Buddy Hemlock, Green King, Dunbarrow and Swamp Moth. Click on the player below or the direct link to the bandcamp page and show some support for brand new music by brand new bands.

That Seventies Compilation on Bandcamp

Cat On The Howling Moon Records

Check out a whole heap of links for Scottish label Cat On The Howling Moon, boasting a cool and ever-growing roster of Psychedelic Wild-Men and Femme Fatales this a label worth keeping an eye on.
You can click on the links to names of each artist to have your brain transported to a myriad of different plains. Enjoy !
Al Hotchkiss is currently fronting Glasgow based Filth Spector, this is his solo stuff whilst the band take a short break. Mademoiselle Marquee and Yogo Yolk are 2 different characters of the same Mind, guitar and synth/pianos and all sorts of other weird and wonderful stuff. Monographic are a German based four piece specialising in post-punk and Neo-psych and beyond, their self titled debut is about to get a release on ltd edition white vinyl. Get on it !

Cat On The Howling Moon Records Bandcamp

Cat On The Howling Moon Records Facebook

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Listen to Dogs Got a Bone Compilation #5 for free on Bandcamp

Scottish Record label 'Dogs Got a Bone' have put out a really cool compilation out for Free/Paywhatulike on Bandcamp.
The album contains recent tracks played on the labels own radio show and 2 brand new cuts from Frantic Chant and Epsilon One.  Have a listen and if you like what you hear please support the artists and buy their music ! The featured artists are:
Dozen Draft, The Red plastic Buddha, Ghost Dance Collective, The Twistettes, Rise of the Echo Drone, Errant Boy, The Doormats, Shards, The Girobabies, The Rhemedies, Epilson One, Frantic chant and Sun Mahshene.

The album contains a nice mix of Indie Psych Psychedelic rock and Shoegaze, get on it !

Listen to DGAB#5 now HERE !

DGAB Radio Show on Facebook

Album Review...The Myrrors - Entranced Earth

Currently based in Tuscon,  Arizona, The Myrrors have returned. Following the doped out haze of  2025's 'Arena Negra' the band have managed to deliver one of the most confident and sonically pleasing trips of recent times.
Immediately noticeable are the wealth of instruments utilised throughout the album; from traditional drums and guitars, to tablas, harmonium and alto sax; they're all present.
The mournful shimmering of  'Mountain Mourning' opens the record and leads into trance like  psychedelia of 'Liberty is in the Streets'; it's rhythmic drum patterns light the way towards the next stop. 'No clear Light' is a meditative mantra; Eastern influences and flutes all combine into one wonderfully blissed out whole.  The title track itself 'Entranced Earth' is further proof of the care and attention that has gone into developing such a full and rich sound.  Whilst it's easy to be taken on the journey by the mesmerizing mix of motoric drums and psychedelic swirling music; there is so much more going on that will be enjoyed with every future listen. Elsewhere is the slow paced kaleidoscopic 'Invitation Mantra' and album closer 'Surem Dervish'; a more groove laden track that steers it's way to albums finish.
The band have clearly set out to Make a mark and should deservedly flourish having recorded a much tighter and focused record than previous releases, without changing their identity.
This is where 'Entranced Earth' succeeds the most; it's hypnotic charm lies in the crafting of the songs; each one a spiritual mantra of sorts.  With every track comes a brand new soundscape and a lavish listening experience, and once more with this release we are rewarded with another strong contender for one of the most interesting albums of the year.

The Mirrors Bandcamp

Buy Entranced Earth from Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Album Review...The Cult of Dom Keller - Goodbye to the Light

Its hard to believe its been 3 years since Nottingham's The Cult of Dom Keller's 2013's Self Titled LP was released.  The band have toured Europe and supported the likes of Wooden Shjips, as well as playing the Austin Psych Fest. Last Year also saw the band contribute to the HeavyPsych compilation 'A Stoned Out Salute to Led Zeppelin with their brilliant version of 'Dazed and Confused'.

'Goodbye to the Light' finds the band in good form. 'Hole in the Whole' opens the album as a pulsating drone that builds up to a wall of feedback and noise; its end is abrupt, giving way to a pulsating note. 'Broken Arm of God' is fuzzy and grimy and seems to have an almost eerie, yet anthemic, chorus.
Elsewhere 'Ravens & Rockets' offers up driving, rhythmic drums and gloomy, sinister, harmonising vocals on a track reminiscent of Bowie's 'Scary Monsters'.
The record doesn't shy away from being experimental, for example, on songs such as 'Waltz of the Morgellons' and the sonically weird 'Tunnel in the Clouds', offering some small respite from the deep intensity the rest of the album serves up. As Psychedelia goes this is pretty dark stuff; its far more gothic in tone than their last release and draws on many influences.  'Astrum Argenteum' plays like later era Depeche Mode; the percussive styles of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound and Bauhaus. There is also a deeper intensity to the music recorded here, particularly on tracks like the Joy Divisionesque 'Exterminating Angels'.

Goodbye to the light truly is an excellent record.  It succeeds in drawing you in and will reward you with multiple listens. There are a wealth of different textures in the mix, all of them welcome and adding something to the bands already established sounds.  This album is another great example of a piece of work that should be played as a whole. The Cult of Dom Keller have managed to create the same kind of shadowy atmospheres within the grooves of the records as they do when witnessed live. Right now, they're touring the UK, don't miss them.

Buy Goodbye To The Light from Fuzz Club

The Cult of Dom Keller Facebook

The Cult of Dom Keller Bandcamp