Tuesday, 10 October 2017

On This Weeks Atom Heart Mutha for Hard Rock Hell Radio... (13.10.17)

This week's show for Hard Rock Hell Radio Goes out at 13.00 on Friday October 13th, Tune in for 2 hours of the very best HeavyPsychedelic Stoned and Fuzzed Up Rock'N'Roll featuring Brutus, Desert Kingdom, Doomstress, Fu Manchu, Moonbow, Mothership, Orchid and Shotgun Sawyer. On top of that, there's killer cuts from brand new and current releases by Ball, Comacozer, Mecanicos, R.I.P. Three Seasons, Vuelveteloca and Wucan, so don't miss it!
You can hear the Show via the HRHR Webpage HERE, or the dedicated app for iOS and android. Feel free to contact me via AHM's FB, Twitter or email if you'd like to hear anything in particular; if you would like to be considered for airplay on the show message me for details. Each show is archived every week once it's gone out live, you can find them on the new HRH Atom Heart Mutha Mixcloud page HERE, check out the page and click follow to be kept up to date with each newly archived show.

Treat your brain to a new Atom Heart Mutha show every week on Hard Rock Hell Radio; if you missed last weeks show you can stream it now on the player below, go for it !


  1. Well I just had to say THANKS!!!
    Ive been listening to you for quite a while now and being a Hawkwind fan since the early eighties have always struggled to find my sort of music but you've opened doors to all these amazing bands, my favourite so far being The Spacelords (just listened to the fantastic Plasma Thruster! can't wait to get the whole album)
    So keep up the great work as there are more and more of us out here listening.
    Love the avatar too :)

    Ive done a few illustrations of songs etc (please believe I am not trying to advertise myself, I just thought you might be interested)

  2. Hey Mat, thank you for the kind words, it’s great to know people are listening I really do appreciate it.
    I’ve just looked at the art links and they’re outstanding, thanks for sharing; do you have a blog or social media page I can see more of your work?
    Best Wishes, AHM