Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Album review...The Spacelords - Liquid Sun 2016

The Spacelords are a German Trio, they make Stoner Spacerock Jams, and they take their time to finish a track. Just over a year after the wonderful 'Synapse' comes 'Liquid Sun', a three track trip through Time and Space that takes about 45 minutes to get you to its destination.

Title track 'Liquid Sun' is up first  and is a slow paced drum driven groove, bass patterns move their way through a field of sonic synth sounds whilst the sci-fi guitar sounds swirl around, once the track hits the 6 minute mark theres a change of tempo that takes the song to the next plateau and ever close to its 13 minute closing time.  Second track 'Spaceship Breakdown' starts with the clearing of a throat and then a quick burst of acoustic guitar before taking you back into its laid back progressive build up, the pay off comes just 3 minutes in, heavy guitar riffs and the synths once more drawing you in to the cosmic soup.  Finally theres 'Black Hole', 21 minutes of epic stoner majesty, like the tracks before it, the song evolves, starting slowly and becoming more and more heavy, hints of Sabbath and Hawkwind throughout, remarkably for a track of its length it goes by quickly and is fantastic trip.

This a great record, theres a lot to enjoy and fans of trippy guitar sounds and spaced out synths will get a plenty out of it, the band have a great back catalogue and 'Synapse" is worthy of your time too.  The Lp was available briefly here on TONZONEN. but has sold out very quickly, its always worth checking back to see if theres a further issue, for now its available for immediate download from the bands Bandcamp page.

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