Thursday, 3 December 2015

Album Review...The Liquid Scene - Revolutions

"Yesterday's Sounds Today", as band motto's go its not a bad one to have, for Bay Area Psychheads The Liquid Scene its remarkably accurate.
Released in December 2014, Revolutions is a 9 (Number 9!) track album of wonderfully catchy hooks, psychedelic melodies and songs that effortlessly capture a sound not unlike the treasures from the original summer of love.
Theres more than a hint of Jefferson Airplane here, as well nods to ( and happily, for me anyway) the underrated songwriting of The Monkees, as is evident on the opening track The Other side of the Sun.
Further on in the album the wonderful "Hey Moondog" plays out on a riff reminiscent of Dear Prudence whilst still managing to maintain the bands individual dreamlike sound. This is largely due to the fantastic Vocals of singer Becki ( Bodhi ) diGregorio, her voice swirls in perfect harmony with the accompanying sounds and it makes for a brilliant listen. The same can be said for the track "letterbox" and its soothing relaxing vibe.
 There aren't many Psychedelic pop albums of the last few years that have managed to achieve what's on offer here, the wonderful sitar on "In My Water Room" enhances the sound and Trey Sabatelli makes the beat of his drum fit like a glove.  Elsewhere there is the mellow "Leave me here" and  slow building "The Mystery Machine" demonstrating once again a love of the music of an era gone by lovingly brought forward to recent times.  Plugging in the headphones and sitting back to relax is the perfect way to listen to and enjoy Revolutions, and I've done that many times now before reviewing this wonderful lp. Whilst this LP is not as heavy as the kinds of things i usually review here, the bands love of the psychedelic sound and Bodhi's superb vocals shine through and makes it impossible to not get drawn in, im looking forward to hearing where the band goes next.

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