Friday, 17 June 2016

Album Review....Landing - Third Sight

El Paraiso's run of exceptional releases in 2016 continue.  This month 'Third Sight' by Landing was  released as part of the labels Impetus series. The band, from Conecticut, have been around for a couple of decades; the musicians style has (much like this LP) never stood still. In fact, their back catalogue, shows an evolution in genres and techniques; never staying and taking root and never really settling down.
'Delusion Sound' quietly loops its way over a background of drone, building its way to a drumbeat, echoey vocals and understated guitars.  The whispery harmonies intrigue and tranquilize as the song slowly gravitates towards its conclusion.
'Third Sight' gently pulsates at first over a single note, as the background landscapes become more visible and almost unsteady in tones. 'Facing South' is very short compared to the other tracks and retains the Eno-like feel that the album often visits.
The album closes with the beautiful 'Morning Sun'.  Almost all of the song is a hazy instrumental; there's a brief charming vocal two thirds of the way in, before giving way to more shaky ambience.
Each of the 4 tracks within, evolve organically, and take shape without ever feeling forced or rushed. The album itself is a trip; a mellow and cloudy state of mind.

What Landing have achieved can easily be defined as intelligent soundscapes, encompassed in hushed tones.  There's a beauty within the dreamlike melodies that elevates the multi facets of the music. EL Paraiso have excelled themselves once more by releasing a record that reaches further into the listeners consciousness and stays there long after listening; relax and float downstream; it's worth it.

Landing Official Site

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Landing Bandcamp

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