Wednesday, 7 September 2016

For Nepal - A Charity LP Compilation by Evil Hoodoo Records.

On 25th April 2015, Nepal experienced an earthquake so bad that over 8000 people lost their lives, more than 21,000 were injured and hundreds of thousands were made homeless as whole villagers were flattened due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.
Thom Bettney runs Sheffield Record Label Evil Hoodoo, and at the time strongly felt he should visit Kathmandu (the worst hit city) in September 2013 to work with the ostracised widows of the city to help get work for them.
Thom explains "I experienced first hand the incredible generosity and love the people of Nepal have for visitors. For the two weeks I was there, I was made to feel like one of them, always greeted with a smile and a cup of chai. I met women who had nothing to their name yet they still offered me food and drink.The complete lack of greed has never left me and I hope has changed me for the better."
Thom concludes "When I heard about the earthquake, I was devastated and started to think what I could do to raise money to help with the aftermath and the immense clean up job to begin to rebuild the homes and businesses of the people of Nepal"

Thom began working on the idea of for 'For Nepal' by writing to and sending emails to friends in bands and bands that he loved in the hope the odd one might donate a track or in some cases donate one for the project. The responses were unexpectedly quick, for the chance to curate  idea; Thom was "blown away by the response" and as a result, FOR NEPAL is now a 88 minute, 14 track monster spread over 4 sides of vinyl.
100% of the profits of this record will go to the WHR (Women for Human Rights) organisation in Kathmandu. Since the earthquake happened, the ladies at WHR have been producing clothing and blankets and supplying much needed food for anyone in need and the funds raised from this record will go directly to helping this greatly needed source of aid.
You can find out more information about WHR  by CLICKING HERE
For Nepal is Limited to 500 records on White / Black swirl vinyl. Bands included are Mugstar, Gnod, Carlton Melton, Hey Colossus,The Myrrors, Sex Swing, Jason Simon of Dead Meadow, Dechemia (John Gibbons from Bardo Pond), Dead Sea Apes, Happy Meals, Spandril, Horrid, Winter Drones and Flamingods. Almost all of the songs have been made and recorded or donated specifically for this album which was Released July 11th, and there are just under 100 copies left at For Nepal Big Cartel

The songs themselves are eclectic, ranging from the brilliant 'Kabuki Skull' from Mugstar and the fantastic 'True Believers Version'  from Dead Sea Apes.  In terms of style there is heavy psychedelic music, there is also a lean towards the strange with the 12 minute long mantra of 'Centers by Dechemia; there is also moments of drone courtesy of Jason Simons and the shoegazeresque Sex Swing.  The album also boasts stand out tracks by The Myrrors and Gnod.  The album is well balanced in style and tone and a compilation works incredibly well as a whole.

Evil Hoodoo Records have curated something special here; the record brings together some of Psychs current Heavyweights and delivers one of the best Compilations you'll hear this year. There are less than 100 vinyl copies left so order now for £21.00,  use the links below on the link below as these are going to sell out very quickly, help support a good cause and treat your ears at the same time.

                                                                The Record Comes in this rather nice X2 Black and White Splatter Vinyl


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