Monday, 5 September 2016

Album Review Dead Rabbits - Everything is a Lie

Southampton's Dead Rabbits formed in 2011. Since then, they've been busy gaining a reputation as a brilliant live act. To date, they've played countless gigs and tours, throughout the UK and Europe – appearing at Eindhoven Psych Lab, Common People, Cosmosis Festival and have shared the stage with the likes of The Warlocks, Yuck and Crystal Stilts. This month sees the follow up to 2014s Time is your Only Memory on Fuzz Club Records.

The album opens with title track 'Everything is a Lie', a woozy swirling wall of noise with swagger; the layered guitars and vocals melt together in a glorious shoe gazing noise. 'Honestly' follows with a great baseline and an energetic drumbeat, keeping the record going, without dropping the pace.
'Get Me Over There' is more Psych in tone and holds a little hint of BJM's later offerings, whilst 'Someday' is slower affair, but are far more mesmeric. Side 2 opens with current single 'All Your Little Lies'; its a weighty track, again demonstrating the many flourishes of confidence that can be heard throughout the record. Standout track 'I Don't Want to Die Today' has a great baseline running through it, whilst the drums energetically drive the track on. The record closes with 'You Already Know'; feedback leads the way to a dazzling wall of noise and drumbeats; it's a fuzzed up noise of massive proportions, and a great way to finish a great record.

Dead Rabbits have upped their game this time around; this is an album to get lost in. Just like label mates The Cult of Dom Keller, Dead Rabbits have made an immersive and well produced record that will appeal to psych-heads and lovers of bands like Spacemen 3 and Loop. There's a mass of noise within the album continuing to prove that 2016 has been a fascinating year and there's a wealth of new music to be discovered; Dead Rabbits made an album that will delight fans, as well as introduce a new cohort to something great.  Play this LP very loud with, or without, headphones.

Highly recommended.

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