Sunday, 29 November 2015

Album Review...The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Masters of the Molehill (2015)

Psych Rockers TBWNIAS are a 6 piece based out of the legendary Birdman Sounds record shop in Ottawa, the group have now released 9 vinyl only LPs in miniscule editions (Private Press and Lathe Cuts) with an underground reputation which has made them a cult among aficionados of hard thudding, rock riffng kraut. The latest release Masters of the Molehill finds them once again in fine form, Underworld kicks off proceedings setting the pace with its solid drums and fuzzy guitar sounds, known for their freeform jams ( demonstrated  by the track "Darkness"), the band take their time getting to where they want to be and you can hear that they enjoy what they're doing as the heavy "Baalslapper"'s hard rocking riff testifies. Everything moves along in heavy style on the stand out track for me  LM onto You Do Wrong where the Can influences really shine through, the band clearly love their Krautrock and this album is brimming full of those fantastic stylings and its own psychedelic fuzzy footprints.  The pace changes again on  GOD II slower at first speeding up with feedback and intensity leading up to the epic 12 minute long atmospheric closer "Ice Rings".
TBWNIAS have a recorded one of the more impressive albums of the year, whilst not as Krautrock obvious as Föllakzoid latest release iii, nor as start to finish intense as Ecstatic Vision's Sonic Praise, theres so much going on here that almost serves as the best of both of those worlds and it's a rewarding listen every time  This is another recommended lp for 2015 in what has been a strong year for HeavyPsych releases.

The Album can be found on the bands Bandcamp page or you can order one of 350 all black Vinyl Pressings from cardinal Fuzz

Digital Album at TBWNIAS Bandcamp
Buy the LTD Edition Vinyl LP from Cardinal Fuzz

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