Saturday, 7 May 2016

Album Review... Kikagaku Moyo - House in the Tall Grass

2016 sees new Music from Japan's 幾何学模様 Kikagaku Moyo; a band with an excellent live reputation. They tour the UK this month, in support of their brand new LP, 'House in the Tall Grass'.

'Mammatus Clouds' and the 'Forest of the Lost Children' EP were both extremely well received, back in 2014, and expectations for the new LP are high. I can say with confidence, that I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this record.

'Green Sugar' shimmers, as it opens for nearly a minute,  suddenly becoming a beautiful sixties infused piece of psychedelic pop. Moving along, at a casual pace, the music is dreamy and warm. 'Kogarashi' follows theme, lush vocals and vibrant rhythms elevate this track to a beguiling level.  'Old Snow,White Sun' sounds distant and yearning, as does the slow tribal beat of 'Melted Crystal'.  The songs feel more insular than previous tracks and yet retain an engaging tone. 'Silver Owl' is a killer 10 minute long psychedelic slow jam that builds up to an irresistible dynamic guitar solo of monumental proportions.

Standout track 'Trad' plays like early 70s Pink Floyd, elevated by it beautiful harmonies before evolving into a krautrock jam and electric guitar freak out; mind blowing stuff! 'Cardigan Song' closes the album in charming style, incredibly simple in approach the song has an alluring vocal over gorgeous guitar picking, not unlike Nick Drake; it's a perfect way to close the record.

HITTG is a more focused piece of work than previous releases, yet just as innovative, the melodies and harmonies are infectious and appealing, the vocals add depth to an album made with care.
Highly recommended.

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