Saturday, 14 May 2016

Album Review...Mythic Sunship - Ouroboros

Once again, there's more cool stuff  coming from El Paraiso Records. This time around, it's a four piece from Copenhagen.
Mythic Sunship take their name from a mingling of album names by John Coltrane and Sun Ra; what they offer is that same sense of cosmic exploration.

The albums opener 'Ophidian Rising' is straight up HeavyPsych; no build ups or mystical sounds, just heavy bass and drums and a cool weighty riff.  'Year of the Serpent' is another heavy piece, but this time evolves slowly over a rolling pattern of guitar and minimal bass brushes; it's a steady pounder; beat driven and a great use of feedback and crashing symbols as it evolves over the sonic sounds of the guitars.
Side 2 is the massive 21 minute long track 'Leviathan', a demonstration of skill and flair. From the wall of feedback comes urgent tapping beats launching the song and then driving it towards the halfway point and then a brief pause; what follows is a massive heavy slice of PsychRock, and just when it feels like the tracks wrapping up, comes another brilliant brain melting freakout. So whilst we are led to believe that the band are cosmic explorers and follow freeform ways of delivering their sounds; there's no denying the band are at their core tight and focused, 'Ouroboros' will keep your attention throughout.

El Paraiso are having a great year so far, 'Ouroboros' is another essential  release from a label that's already put out killer records from Causa Sui, Jakob Skøtt and Nicklas Sorensen. Mythic Sunship have just released a heavy duty record that holds its own in a year that seems to be delivering brilliant music every week.  Seek this out; it's worth it.

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