Sunday, 21 May 2017

Album Review... Siena Root - A Dream of Lasting Peace

13 years ago Siena Root released their debut album 'A New Day Dawning' and from that moment, they became a mighty force in heavy rock and roll.  The Swedish rockers have 5 highly acclaimed studio albums and a killer double Live record under their belt; and whilst there have been some lineup changes over the years, they've continued to move and evolve always for the better.

With the release of their next opus 'A Dream of Lasting Peace' also comes the news that they will be supporting the legendary Deep Purple on the German dates of their next tour, which of course is a perfect fit and evidenced over 10 fantastic tracks on the record.

The album opens to the shuffling groove of 'Secrets' led the by the vintage organ sounds of Erik Petersson and musically transports you back in time to the early 70's. 'Tales of independence' follows with the feel of Led Zeppelin too it, a track that wouldn't be out of place on Houses of the Holy with its funky, yet classic rock stylings. 'Sundown' emulates the beautiful experiences that must have made the summer of love a wonderful thing; drenched in late sixties psych pop, lush vocals and Matte Gustavsson's wonderful guitar work. Things mellow out a little with the bluesy 'The Piper Won't Let you Stay' and 'Empty Streets' both showcase the vocal talents of Samuel Björö and his distinctive and emotive tones. 'Growing Underground' unleases a torrent of prog n roll and delivers the sound of a band enjoying themselves under promise of the kind of force you can expect to see performing live.

Elsewhere tracks like 'Outlander' and 'No Filter' show off the bands flare for classic rock, whilst proving their own distinguishing traits lift the music to be being more than respectfully retro.
'Imaginarium' is a jazzy improvisational jam taking in psych, blues and moves to the tracks conclusion with a hard rock Stomp.  Album closer 'The Echoes Unfold' is more measured rock track and a consolidation of songwriting skills and musicianship from the tracks before; Bass player Sam Riffer and percussionist Love Forsberg must also take credit for being the glue that holds each track firmly together, both demonstrate finesse and serious mastery of their art.

A Dream of Lasting Peace is a wonderful thing, harking back to the early days of the album being a musical art form that has has to be played in full, care has been taken on every aspect of the LP right down to the cover art; that is not to say these tracks don't proudly stand alone too, they absolutely do!
Theres a welcome familiarity to whats on offer here and masses of new flourishes played with conviction, I've been very lucky to be living with the album for a while now and it absolutely gets better with every play; it has the look, feel and joy of a record you'd find in a cooler elder siblings record collection when you are discovering  music for the first time, one that stays with you for a lifetime.

If you love classic vintage rock, I doubt you'll hear anything this authentic for a long time.  This is essential listening.

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