Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Electric Moon Live 2015 - Zeiss Planetarium Bochum

Electric Moon need your help, and in return they'll blow your mind for 150 minutes !

Electric moon is the brainchild of German Space-Rockers Komet Lulu and Sula Bassana (like you didn't know this already!) with an impeccable reputation for Psychedelic sonic time travelling Jams and heavy motoric grooves at some of the best live shows this galaxy has ever seen.
The legendary Planetarium gig is now up for download on Bandcamp and features 6 tracks over its full two and a half hour long length.
What's notable about this gig is the unfortunate luck that Dave had with his equipment on the night; the guitar amp made noises throughout the set and blew completely at the end of the show. There were more issues as one synthesiser (Polysix) died at the end of the first track and one delay wasn't working at all, not that you can really tell due to incredible stagecraft of the musicians on the night.
This release has put up especially on Bandcamp to help the band pay for the repairs and replacement of Daves equipment to get them back out there touring where they belong. 10 Euros gets you the full set to download and enable to plug your brain in to listen to some outstanding immense and immersive cosmic Jams.  Each track creates an atmosphere all of its own and offers a different psychedelic tripped out experience; you'll also get to hear some of the best drumming around from Marcus. Theres a link to the player below so you can find out for your self, you can also hear some of the bands other brilliant live shows, this one was mixed and recorded by Sula himself.
So, please, have a listen and show your support to a band that truly appreciate it.

Track List.
1.  The Last Words of Mister P
2.  Air to Space
3.  Radio Contact was Lost
4.  Close Encounter of the 4th Kind
5.  Sunburst Odyssey
6.  Star Factory

Electric Moon Facebook

Electric Moon Bandcamp

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