Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Boobs of Doom 8 - WOW IS DEAD

The unbelievably prolific Scottish Technonoizesters Boobs of Doom are back again with a followup to this summers 'Boobs of Doom7/(((WHITE NOISE)))'.
WOW IS DEAD gets an official release on October 30th on Bandcamp for free but is being released as a 'Charityware' album, this means that if you decide to purchase the album, you do so by taking it for free but consider donating the cost to one of the bands notable charities.

The album itself is SadSack and Thumper's most accomplished to date, their usual trademark ear bleeds are still present, this time though there are more beats, much more cohesion and a clearer narrative.  The album is also a love letter of sorts to  World of Warcraft, a game personally important to the band members themselves as it served as a catalyst for the formation of Boobs of Doom. the band themselves offer this explanation around the albums themes, "WOW IS DEAD" is a concept album about grief, sadness, madness and finding solace; one warscarred orc sets out with his best friend, a 2000 yr old undead blood elf, to avenge the death of his beloved, and, in doing so uncovers an eons old revenge plot with world-colliding apocalyptic ramifications; running parallel: one man (and his cat) trying to cope with the recent death of his wife finds escape in an online fantasy world and solace in using his guildmates as an emotional crutch; then, both world start to bleed...

The music itself takes bleak caustic soundscapes and moulds them electronically into something wonderful, taking in nods to Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, Dalek as well as dark doom laden techo and slugs of heavy duty stoned beats.

The links below will take you directly to the charities the band request you donate to:


The Scottish Association for Mental Health

Children's Hospital of Orange County

GIFT (Gastroparesis & Intestinal Failure Trust)

Make a Wish

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