Sunday, 2 October 2016

10 Albums you need to hear right now on Bandcamp.

Bandcamp continues to be a treasure trove for new music. Below are embedded players to new and recent music, click the links to hear the albums; clicking the title of the album will take you direct to the bandcamp page.
If you like what you hear please support the artist by buying their music, in most cases the bandcamp page will have links to purchase Vinyl and CD versions too. Enjoy!

Telstar Sound Drone - Magical Solutions to Everyday Problems.

Copenhagens TSD bring Heavy Psychedelia but with Shoegaze Drone, self produced and released earlier this year on Bad Afro Records .  The album is multi layered and dark in ton, it demands  multiple and plays is one of the most rewarding listens of this year.

Monolord - Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze.

Recently released as a 10inch vinyl single, Swedens Monolord showcase a mastery of the riff, whilst comparisons are being made to Black Sabbath these 2 tracks serve to suggest that band have something special up their sleeves yet to be delivered. Coloured versions of the 10 inch are available from Riding Easy Records.

Fuzz Evil - Fuzz Evil

Arizona Trio Fuzz Evil have just released this dirty rocking  Lp on Battleground Records.
Fans of Kyuss, QOTSA and Desert Rock will find plenty to love here over the 6 tracks, if its riffs you want, Fuzz Evil have plenty of 'em.

Various - Meantime (Redux)

Famed for their outstanding Redux of the classic Jimi Hendrix Album'Electric Ladyland', Magnetic Eye Records have just released a redux of the Classic 1992 Helmet album 'Meantime'. Featuring great HeavyPsych bands Ironweed, Kings Destroy and Liver, this version gets a release on handsome looking Tricolour vinyl.

Dead Sea Apes - Soy Dios.

Manchester's Dead Sea Apes Debut ep gets a welcome joint reissue from Cardinal Fuzz and Sky lantern records, released 5 years ago this psychedelic journey takes on Electro/Ambient and Avant-Garde Psychedelic rock, if you haven't heard their brilliant album 'Spectoral Domain' too, seek it out.

Nawksh - Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II

Hailing from Karachi and signed to Tokyo's Gururguru Brain label, Nawksh make psychedelic electronic music in the vein of Animal Collective or bands more associated with record label 'Warp'. Completely original and intriguing, the album moves in unexpected directions. Recently Nawksh played at the liverpool international festival of Psychedelia, weirdly wonderful.

Foghound - The World Unseen.

Foghound recently released this brilliant slab of Stoner/HardRock on Ripple Music, as you'd expect the songs are tight and focused.  Armed with a formidable reputation as a live act, Foghound have also delivered a highly aclaimed album that ranks amongst the best of an already strong year of releases for their label.

Hypnopazūzu - Create Christ, Sailor Boy.

Hypnopazūzu is a joint project by David Tibet of Current 3 and Killing Joke bassist and producer Youth. CCSB is a weird yet compelling album of soundscapes made mostly with Youths Moog and Vox Repeater Vintage guitar. Its strangely cinematic and psychedelic and at times darkly manic, however, its unlike most things you've heard this year, recommended.

Children of Leir - (3rd)

Leicester's Children of Leir recently released this new album as a ltd edition CD with a hand-drawn cover. The music is a wonderful mix of Psychedelic Dream Pop and Shoegaze with instantly memorable tracks. The drones seem experimental and yet the 6 tracks are tight and focused, there's some really skilful songwriting here and much to enjoy.

Salem's Pot - Pronounce This

Released earlier this summer on Riding Easy Records, 'Pronounce This' is a clever blend of psychedelic and stoner rock with its roots planted in 70s inspired riffs and rhythm. The band are clearly influenced by horror movies and John Carpenter, its those themes that elevate this album into something more interesting than the usual stoner/doom fare, good stuff.

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