Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Album Review... Sherpa - Tanzlinde

Sulatron Records are bringing Neo Psychedelia from Italy via Sherpa and their debut album Tanzlinde. The inspiration for the music within is said to come from the mountains, Eastern cultures and Ancient songs as well as psychedelia and krautrock.
Tanzlinde (meaning Linden Tree) is a place, where apparently, under its leaves people can find time to connect with their deepest feelings: It's a metaphor for strength and fast growth and you can hear those themes within the songs themselves

The album begins with the slow burning and glistening 'Elven'; a euphonic trip, beautifully played out as a captivating opener to the album. 'Robert W' is hazy and dreamlike in its tone as the guitar rolls over layers of cymbals and synths and a beguiling vocal.
Elsewhere, there is intensity on the title track itself 'Tanzlinde' and 'Sherpa'. These wonderfully constructed songs encompass heightened elements of 70s Psychedelia and Eastern flavours, drawing you in as the songs build around your mind.
'Big Foot' is a wondrous, pastoral chant that breaks into a wondrous drum beat, whilst the song evolves on to the metaphysical 'Magnetic'.  'Of Coke and Steel' draws the album towards its end in a euphoric and atmospheric manner.

There's so much to enjoy here.  There are elements of folk, whilst fans of more contemporary acts, such as Tame Impala and Wolf People, will find plenty to satisfy . The songs are deeply heavy yet without fuzzed up riffs and ear bleeding guitar solos.
In terms of the songs themselves, they benefit from the eastern styles that the band have injected into the music.  There is certainly a spiritual feel, at times, which is very much in keeping with the albums meaning. You'll need to hear this album more than once to unlock its true wonder; this is a great record that compliments Sulatrons already diverse and unpredictable output.

Sulatron Records release the Green 180g vinyl on December 16th 2016 but the jewel case cd Edition is available now.

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