Sunday, 13 November 2016

Listen to November's Atom Heart Mutha Show on Mixcloud anytime

November's Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow is now available to listen to anytime on the Mixcloud page or on the player below.
This show was originally broadcast as part of's Rockshow and again on American Radio Station Grip of Delusion . Many of the tracks this month were from brand new and soon to be released albums, if you like any of the music you hear please support the bands by buying from them, all bands will be tagged on the AHM Facebook page for this post.

This Months tracklist...

Telstar Sound Drone - Someone
Kungens Män - Second Third War Three
Whitenails- In My Blood
Arrowhead - Bone Mountain
Hair of the Dog - Don't Know My Name
Glitter Wizard - Scales
Jean-Claude Vannier - L'enfant au Royaume des Mouches
Wolf People - Not Me Sir
Goat - Goatfuzz
Mugstar - Axis Modulator
Chickn - Omens

The Atom Heart Mutha RadioShow will return in December.

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