Monday, 7 November 2016

Bandcamp Round-up...More Great Music to stream Right Now !

There's so much great music out there right now, its been a decent year for new bands and new finds.
Enjoy the following, they come direct from the bands bandcamp pages; click the players to listen or click the title to be taken to the bandcamp page.
As always, some of these albums will be available in physical formats, some have special editions that you can buy too.
If you enjoy any of the Albums or Ep's here, please support the artists and labels.

Nopes - Never Heard of It

Psych-Punk or Skate Punk, or something in between?
California's Nopes have put out a cracking album, hard edged and upbeat and infectious too, If you're quick you'll catch one of the beautiful splatter vinyls from Magnetic Eye records

The Well - Pagan Science

The coolest thing in Austin Texas right now, The well play doom with a really nice psych stoner touch, the riffs are Sabbathesque in magnitude, this records what reverb was invented for, out now on Riding Easy Records.

Whitenails - First Trip

First Trip is a brilliant ep released in October from Quebec's Whitenails, the band know their way around a heavy riff and there's no messing around over the 5 tracks. If this is the shape of things to come, i hope theres another release due soon.

Hornss - Telepath

Ripple Music are once again proving to be more a force of nature than a record label of late, this autumn has seen a spate of high quality rock releases including this fuzzed up stoner doom from San Fransisco, highly recommended.

Zac the Zombie - Zac the Zombie ep

Ahead of the highly anticipated full length in 2017, Zac the zombie have released this ep of excellent desert rock as a taster. Zac the Zombie is an instant hit and demands multiple plays, I'm incredibly excited to see what they do next.
Great stuff

Mantra Machine - Nitrogen

SpaceRock from Amsterdam, hell yeah! Originally released in 2014 this is a cosmic tip of the heaviest and highest calibre, compared to Causa Sui this an album thats as experimental as it is progressive and well worth seeking out if you missed it the first time around.

Cosmic Flanders - Cosmic Flanders

Australia has been an interesting place to find StonerRock this year, if you haven't checked out Mala by Filthy Lucre or Phantamonium by Hotel Wrecking City traders, you need to.
Cosmic Flanders self titled Ep takes in stoner grooves in a gloriously uplifting and melody laden manner, whilst maintaining its Psych and Spacerock credentials, highly recommended.

Sergeant Thunderhoof - Live on Earth

Ironic that Bath's Sergeant Thunderhoof called their  live release 'Live on Earth' as I'm sure they're not of this planet! Recorded at Moles in their hometown this Lp cements the band as one of the best Stoner Rock bands around right now. Both studio Lps are also essential listens, give this band some attention, they fucking deserve it.

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  1. I’ve been searching for some decent stuff on the subject and haven't had any luck up until this point, You just got a new biggest fan!.. Airplane Noise