Saturday, 18 March 2017

Album Review...Lamagaia - Lamagaia

Yet another early contender for Album of the Year comes in the form of kosmische laden, psych rock from Sweden' via Gothenburg's Lamagaia.  This is a split release from 2 labels with a reputation for ensuring their output is constantly interesting, challenging and most importantly mind meltingly good. 'Lamagaia' is the follow up to the self released 'Lamagius' this time released via Sunrise Ocean Bender and Cardinal Fuzz records.

First track up is 'Aurora'; drums pound rhythmically over a wall of growling guitars and noise, as the song builds, and builds relentlessly
It’s a Fuzzed up, mesmerising song that flys through its 16 minute length, going by in what feels like just a few minutes.  Its intensity builds and envelopes,  taking you along on its journey of sonic, psychedelic magic. Side B 'Paronama Vju' appears to follows a less abrasive path, at first, whilst remaining vivid; the track evolves over a repetitive groove of drones, drums and bass, whilst guitars freeform its way forward to a peak, before winding its way down to its rippling close. Lamagaia's self titled offering is an incredible record; both tracks deliver one of the most immersive listening experiences you'll have right now. Like the bands debut before, this record will keep you coming back to relive and discover the treasures within.
The decision to split the release between 2 labels is a sound on; the addictive noise within both suits the psychedelic styles of past SOB releases as well as the more explosive and urgent releases from The Good Cardinal; one can only hope that between both camps enough people will be turned on to this fantastic record.
Highly recommended.

Ive included a link to to the self released Lamagaius which is currently up on You Tube as thats also well worth your time and attention.

Lamagaia Bandcamp

Cardinal Fuzz Records

Sunrise Ocean Bender

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