Thursday, 30 March 2017

Album Review...Sula Bassana - Organ Accumulator

The last time I spoke with the multi talented and spaced out psych wizard Dave Schmidt from Sulatron Records was in December.  He released the LP 'Shipwrecked' under his Sula Bassana Moniker back in January 2016 and we were speaking about how it was one of my favourite albums of the year.
I asked him about his future plans, and he talked about how he was trying to spend less time touring, to work on more of his recorded works.
Dave had already recorded a new LP and explained "It was made, basically, on organs and portable keyboards; but with added synthesisers and drum machines."
In addition, Schmidt's revealed that he was using guitar and bass in one of the songs and the album was to be be called "Organ Accumulator", true to his word, just one year, after the release of Shipwrecked;  It's here.

Opening track 'Lichtbündel' is a mellow synth kosmische trip; a beautifully blissed out tune, that takes in elements of hypnotic dub, yet is very reminiscent of the early 90's electronic music by The Orb.  This is easily one of my favourite tracks of the year so far.  The album continues in the same cosmic manner with 'Morgentau' another other worldly synth exploration that glimmers rhythmically over a simple yet enhancing melody.  'The Frogs' has an irresistible beat with a sinister oscillation and keyboard progression; working effectively and delivering another album high point. The title track itself is a real treat, starting as an electronic motorik driven piece it soon moves and evolves into a guitar lead Spacerock monster, the addition of different instrumentation really elevates the track to another stratosphere.

'Grashamster' has darker tones than previous tracks, its feel is a much more expansive galactic fuzzy style that resonates over its slowly rolling drum groove.
The Final Track 'Nebelschwaden' is much more cinematic as it unravels over its 10 minute length; its another mellow journey of cerebral joy and a more than fitting way to conclude the record.

I imagine Shipwrecked may have been a tough record to follow; it was without question one of the best records of 2016. To approach a follow up within a year with something as different, and yet familiar sounding as Organ Accumulator must've been quite a task.  As you might expect, its sound is very much within the styles of classic German electronic music; but also demonstrates a contemporary feel. Being prolific, yet keeping the quality control up to a high standard is clearly something Dave Schmidt doesn't have a problem with.

If you buy the CD issue, you'll also get the Sula Bassana tracks from the split release with 3am originally released in 2014; bonus!

Sula Bassana Bandcamp

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