Saturday, 6 May 2017

Album Review... Motherdust - 1500

Hailing from Bielefeld, Germany; Motherdust are a 5 piece band renowned for hard-rocking, cosmic freakouts, and their contemporary Krautrock sound. Their album 1500 was originally released in 2014 digitally with a very limited run of CD.
Now it gets a, much deserved, vinyl reissue via German label Clostridium Records.

'Quarantine' opens to hypnotic swirling guitars and a steady beat over Lanneganesque vocal growls and fuzz.
'Mind the Gap' is a confident strutting piece of sonic blues; the build towards the intense wall of noise is intensely satisfying and really fitting with Stefan Popovic's gravelled tones. 'The Prisoner' is another track firmly influenced by heavy blues and whilst follow on track 'Shadows' continues the theme, it becomes darker before exploding into a mammoth dope-fuelled, space rock freakout.
'Coded Messages' is a filthy fuzzed up bass driven wall of distorted noise and squelching blasts of synth madness that builds to an oscillating end with guitars and baggy drumbeat.
The record concludes with the harmonica lead 'Same old Thing', once more influenced by smoke hazed blues and fierce vocal delivery.

It's an astounding record and a deeply satisfying listen; one of those rare records that once it ends you want to flip it right back to side A and put the needle back on.
1500 is my introduction to the band and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.  I'm also intrigued as to how these tracks are served up live.
There's an energy that runs through the whole record that surely needs to be heard plugged in and amped up.
Mind bending and psychedelic; dirty, heavy and bluesy; these are irresistible combinations and this record delivers all of these things and more.  In fact, it's fair to say that Motherdust don't fuck about and you really should hear this record.  Highly Recommended.

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