Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Exclusive !!! Hear A Brand New Track By The Judge Now !

The Judge are a cool Stoner Psych'n'Blues outfit signed to the mighty Ripple Music label.  Formed in 2010 by long-time friends Dylan Jarrett and Evan Anderson in Granite City, Illinois; the duo known as Unfallen, quickly became a touring trio with the addition of Kevin Jones taking up bass and vocals.  2013 saw the lineup become complete with the induction of new front man Tyler Swope.  The enigmatic singer has a vocal range straight out of 1974 and a style that embraces the vintage roots of their sounds, elevating them to a whole new, contemporary level.
The band released an EP in 2015, and 2016 saw the release of their self titled debut.

The bands influence can be traced back to early 70's rock of past masters, Zeppelin and Sabbath, but also show a kinship with the likes of Orchid, Sasquatch and Kadavar; all of which helped inspire The Judge to develop their own special breed of slow burning psychedelia and a sonic stew of traditional, classic rock’n’roll and heavy, backroom blues.  The results can be enjoyed on their brand-new studio album 'Tell It To The Judge' which follows on from the release of last years acclaimed, self-titled debut and first for Ripple Music.

The Judge's self titled release made Atom Heart Mutha's Albums of the Year list in 2016 and when  spoke with Bass player Kevin Jones, he revealed that the follow up was already recorded and ready to go!  When asked what we could expect, he explained: "To me, it's a lot more straight forward rock n roll.  We stepped out of our comfort zone a little bit.  It's a lot more in your face!".

'Tell It To The Judge' hits the streets on August 4th and in anticipation of the new release, Atom Heart Mutha is honoured to be able to give you an exclusive play of one of the tracks from the album -  'From the Mountain' now!

You can expect to see a review for the new record here on AHM, just before its release.

Check this out and PLAY LOUD!!

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