Sunday, 11 March 2018

Viva El Swain drops a new Mixtape...

Atom Heart Mutha's very own Viva El Swain  has put up a brand new Psych Rock and Stoner Mix on,  you can hear it on the player Below.

1. Lo Pan - Bird of Prey
2. Bonehawk - Sexy Beast
3. Red Stone Souls - 27 Moons
4. The Golden Grass - One More Time
5. JPT Scare Band - Titans Sirens
6. Foot - Cactus
7. Fatso Jetson - Jet Black Boogie
8. Psyclona - Juju
9. Colour Haze - This
10. Dog Chasing Sun - First Sun of the New World
11. Helicon - Valmiki
12. Weedpecker- Liquid Sky
13. Killer Boogie - The Day of the Melted Ice Cream

Viva El Swain is currently hard at work on some new reviews for the Blog and you can expect to read his insightful musings on the very best new albums out there very soon.

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