Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Streaming Now...

As we move into May there's another batch of new and current releases ready for you to check out. This new crop features some great Heavy Stoner from the awesome Blackwulf, Green Lung and Hashteroid, there's cool retro psychedelic rock sounds from The Golden Grass too. You can hear new releases from Mouth, Black Rainbows, Diamond skull, New Psych Sounds from Nest Egg, Blackwater Holylight and Astral Blue, check out great music on Name Your Price from Moonlight Bloom, Melting Sun and The Qualitons.
I''ll be playing lots of these bands/tracks/records on the various radio shows for Hard Rock Hell Radio, and the monthly Mixcloud Mix alongside a ton of other great new music releases. The title links are clickable and will take you to the Bandcamp page. As always, if you like what you hear support the artists and pay for the download, or check out their pages and buy a physical version. lots of the music here on offer here will be available as vinyl versions or special edition packages, Enjoy! Tune in to Atom Heart Mutha on Hard Rock Hell Radio every Friday from 13.00 uk time or check out the show archive HERE on Mixcloud.

Mouth - Floating

Black Rainbows - Pandaemonium

Nest Egg - Nothingness Is Not A Curse

Moonlight Bloom - Walking Trees

The Qualitons - Echoes Calling

Blackwulf - Sinister Sides

The Golden Grass - Absolutely

Electric Mountain - Electric Mountain

Thermate - Black Desert Highway

Bigelow Bighorns - Tales Of The Horns

Astral Blue - Out Of The Astral Blue

Blackwater Holylight - Blackwater Holylight

Melting Sun - Tape No.1

Green Lung - Free The Witch

Diamond Skull - Sleepless

Hashteroid - Hashteroid

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