Saturday, 16 March 2019

On This Weeks Atom Heart Mutha for Hard Rock Hell Radio.... (22.03.19)

This week's show for Hard Rock Hell Radio Goes out at 13.00 on Friday March 22nd. Tune in for 2 hours of the very best HeavyPsychedelic Stoned Fuzzed Up Rock'N'Roll featuring music from Canaan, Earthless, Greenleaf, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Mr Bison, Salem's Pot and Turtle Skull. On top of that expect to hear killer cuts from new and recent releases by Flex Bison, Hhoogg, High Reaper, Jesus The Snake, Rift Giant, Spiral Skies, Space Coke, Somanaut, Supermansion and Witchers Creed. You can hear the Show worldwide via Hard Rock Hell Radio HERE or on the HRH Bible App on IOS and Android. Feel free to contact me via AHM's FB, Twitter or email if you'd like to hear anything in particular on a future show; if you would like to be considered for airplay on Atom Heart Mutha message me for details. Each show is archived every week once it's gone out live, you can find them on the HRH Atom Heart Mutha Mixcloud page HERE, check out the page and click follow to be kept up to date with each newly archived show.

You can hear an encore of last weeks show on the player below featuring Birdstone, Black Mountain, Crypt Trip, Getaway Van, Gone Cosmic, Moon Goose, Salem's Bend, Snowy Dunes and The Golden Grass. Click the link and enjoy!

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