Sunday, 18 October 2015

Blog Update.

Im still looking at regular content for the blog and as you can see as well as my own projects i would also like to do more reviews.

The original intent was to  host the mixes from the HeavyPsych Radio show here on the blog, however it seems there is so much more that can be achieved and shared here. i'd like people to  contact me and let me know about your band/music or even record label, especially if it fits the kind of thing i play on either my own show or the Psychedelic Basement mixes.

If you'd like to post gig or album release announcements or other items of news, contact me here or on Twitter @GeoffLeppardUK, i reply to messages quite quickly.
Im keen to post regularly with the right kind of content.
My monthly mixes for and Grip of Delusion will continue to be uploaded to Mixcloud and available here as well as any other projects i get involved in.  Thanks for reading.  Geoff.

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