Sunday, 7 February 2016

Album Review...Electric Moon - Flaming Lake ( Live ) 2011

Sulatron Records reissued 2011's Flaming Lake by Electric moon last year on vinyl after the original cd release and Back to Basics vinyl release sold out incredibly fast.  This 76 minute long opus was recorded July 2011 in Germany and unveils itself over 4 long and beautifully sprawling psychedelic Jams. All 4 tracks demonstrate the very best in tripped out Spacerock, opening track The Cosmic Creator builds wonderfully into a fuzzed up riff fuelled journey that continues apace throughout the rest of the album right up until final track Burning Battenberg. The set is fantastically Floydian in tone and there isn't a moment throughout that allows the listener to become distracted.

This particular release actually came out before i started The AHM Blog and truly is far too good not to share, It was given more life recently with a brilliant new visual to accompany it and the Link to the entire album with the Space Journey visuals in HD is below.  See and hear it now, and once you've done so be sure to click the link to the Sulatron store and purchase this exceptional live recording.

Buy Electric Moon - Flaming Lake Here

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