Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Album Review... Sula Bassana - Shipwrecked 2016

2016 is already shaping up to be a decent year for Psychedelia and Psychedelic Rock, both Birth of Joy and Mugstar are about to release new albums  and theres a couple of interesting releases coming from Germanys Sulatron records. Croation band Otrovna Kristina and their 70s influenced PsychRock (which will be reviewed here soon ) and Shipwrecked by Sula Bassana both get a mid February release.

Ive been lucky enough to live with Shipwrecked for a month or so now and I've played it multiple times, recorded on vintage synthesisers this almost entirely electronic lp takes its influences from the likes of  Musik Von Harmonia, Kraftwerk and Neu! Particularly evident on the albums opening track Moonbase Alpha Alpha and follow on track Shushi Express.  Elsewhere there are wonderfully pulsing and hypnotic sounds such as on Planeta Bur ( Which  you can hear on the link below ) and the mellow ambient chimes on the title track itself.

Lovers of ambient electronic sounds, Krautrock and cinematic Psychedelia are going to find more than enough here to enjoy, i can't recommend this record enough and I'm sure already that this will one 2016's albums of the year. Currently available on CD with a limited amounts of vinyl pressed you can purchase Shipwrecked direct from the link below.

Buy Shipwrecked from Sulatron Records

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