Friday, 19 February 2016

Album Review...Otrovna Kristina - Otrovna Kristina 2016

Straight out of Croatia! According to Sulatron Records they've put out a straight forward 70's rock record in an ultra irrelevant and impossible to understand Language.  Well some might argue that rock is a language all of its own!

Coming in at under 40 minutes, Otrovna Kristina  deliver a straight out hard rocking lp, the 70s tag is appropriate and fitting, opening track Vrata Moći starts with a scream and  pounding drums like the very best Mountain tracks. There are  scorching guitar solos on offer on songs like Demon ( check out the video below ) and Pita. The music here definitely takes on an authentic life of its own, the production itself has the feel of the decade the riffs here belong to. Fans of Free will feel at home with the style on offer here such as on the brilliant Zmija, its not quite Psych, but its certainly heavy and hard rocking, you could spent all the time you want picking out influences but the great thing about this record is its clearest influence is the decade itself.

Sulatron are putting this out on a nice red vinyl, i doubt there'll be any left soon, you can pick up a copy of Otrovna Kristina on the links below.

Buy the Album at Sulatron Records
Otrovna Kristina You Tube Channel

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