Friday, 19 February 2016

Album Review...Psychic Lemon - Psychic Lemon 2016

Im always open to hearing something new, and one of the cool things about the blog and the radio show is that you get have contact with newer bands that haven't necessarily broken out of their own town and are looking for some wider exposure. Psychic Lemon come from Cambridge, they release their debut album on March 4th, and its a belter.

TiCkToC is the albums opener, its punchy and bouncy baseline dominates its brilliant 5 minute length over great Wah Wah guitars, this is how you open an album.
Death Cult Blues is up next and is 9 minutes of psychedelic magic filled with proggy flutes and great guitar work, its Krautrock for sure, but pretty damn funky too, which can also be said for follow on track Good Cop, Bad Cop.  Things mellow out a little on Analogue Summer with its slide guitar sounds and birdsong intro before the driving beats of Dilator kick in.
The album closes with the 10 minute brilliance of Horizon, a krautrock classic that drives its way through the track and then builds itself to deliver its final release of fuzzed out space feedback at the tracks end.

This is an astounding debut album, one that deserves to be widely heard and i really hope it is.  Like Sergeant Thunderhoof from Bath, Psychic Lemon have more than proven that there is great music out there not yet leaving its home town, both of these bands deliver something worthy.  click the links below and listen to some great music, and support the band by buying this album.

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