Thursday, 17 March 2016

Album Review...Dreamtime - Sun

Hot on the heels of the self titled debut, Brisbane's Dreamtime released their second lp 'Sun' in 2013. This release is described as building on the debut by adding Eastern Rajas and Tibetan style mantras to their 70's Turkish Psych, Kraut and 60'sGarage Sounds.
Sun opens with 'Centre of Mind', an almost supernatural sounding mantra delivered over a terrifically creepy baseline before moving into 'Baphomet', building from its spiritual  intro into a sonic explosion of brain melting fuzz and beats, this is heavy psychedelic rock at its finest and an early highlight.  The mantras continue with 'The Road', beautiful chanting vocals interwoven with a pulsing tribal beat, captivating and easy to lose yourself in ( if headphone favorites are a thing, this is now one of mine ) and the vibe continues perfectly with 'Equivalence'.

Title track 'Sun' is something special, 10 minutes of Psychedelic evolution, beginning as a reminder of the bands Self Titled debut before growing into something more urgent, pulsating and noisy, awesome stuff. 'Brujeria' serves as a nice interlude calming the waters before the epic closer 'Art of Invisibility unfolds over its mammoth 13 minutes.  Theres plenty of variation and the organic development of the songs her make 'Sun' an intriguing and enjoyable listen.

The band have gained a great live reputation as well, touring with the likes of Psych Giants Moon Duo, Boris and Bardo Pond and it's easy to see over the course of this Lp how the songs on Sun would thrive as part of a live experience.
The Heavy weight vinyl with beautiful purple/yellow swirl is available from this week by Cardinal Fuzz and Captcha records as well as  stocking the self titled debut.
Highly Recommended.

Dreamtime on Bandcamp

Buy Sun at Captcha Records/Bandcamp

Sun at Cardinal Fuzz

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