Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Album Review...Interkosmos - Hypnotizer

Its time to get excited again, here we have another reissue courtesy of Sulatron Records.  This time around we have 'Hypnotizer' by Interkosmos. Originally released eight years ago as a very limited release cd, this awesome sprawling slice of swirling acid madness was downloaded more than 30,000 times on its first outing!

Interkosmos were founded in 2008 by Sula Bassana alongside Pablo Carneval and Sergio Ceballos and Hypnotizer are described as playing psychedelic music without being bound to stylistic directions.

Almost all of the tracks here with the exception of one last around or over ten minutes giving them time to evolve and grow at a bonged out pace. 'lift Off' starts with a countdown and commences the journey to blissed out SpaceRock creating an aura of mellow yet urgent beauty.  Title track Hypnotiser follows and whilst true to the SpaceRock feel, it has more Krautrock touches whilst it keeps building to a repetative drum patterns through gentle guitar licks. 'Edentrip' is the shortest track here and is a more sonic affair driven largely by rhythmic cymbals but still managing to maintain a mellow vibe. The gentle paces are followed through on 'Kosmos Amigos' with its beautiful guitar and the familiar theme of a gentle build that can also be found within the return to Spacey/Krautrock 'Rockit', this is a more intense Spacejam  moving effortlessly over its 12 minutes and its fantastic blistering guitars as it reaches its climax.  This reissue comes complete with the brilliant live track 'Samphonic Trip' a noisy blast of SpacePsych featuring an awesome baseline groove and guitars that bound magnificently towards the albums conclusion.

Once more Sulatron records have put out an album packed full ideas, great sounds and thoughtful compositions that aren't afraid to take the time to get to where they need to be," What matters is the flow, a wonderful soundtrack for a journey to the far out vastness of the inner cosmos."
As with this years Shipwrecked by Sula Bassana, this a record that whilst providing an immediate hit also rewards with multiple listens.

Hypnotizer is still  available to download via bandcamp on the link below and you can also get one of a limited run of the album mastered on to CD by Krautrock Legend Eroc.
There will also be a limited run of 300 on double marbled vinyl and 300 on regular black from Norwegian label Pancromatic sometime in April.

Interkosmos on Bandcamp
Sulatron Records

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