Friday, 25 March 2016

Album Review...Prana Crafter - Rupture of Planes

Who doesn't like to be surprised? when it comes to new sounds surely everyone likes to be taken aback from time to time, i wasn't familiar with William Sol or his music until recently but i had Rupture of planes recommended to me and as soon as i heard 'Diamond Cutter of the Jagged Mountain', i knew it was music i'd enjoy.

Prana Crafter is William Sol a musician from Washington with a talent for writing skilfully presented folk music that have a habit of suddenly becoming Psychedelic monsters. 'Forest at First Light' starts of quietly, acoustically in the spirit of all great Troubadours, and then without warning comes crashing drums, and a blistering guitar solo before quieting down again as we're told "One can never really stay".
Gentler and more reflective moments such as on 'Fog Has Lifted' offer acoustic guitar stylings but allow Sol's engaging voice to take over in ways that someone as skilled as Elliott Smith was able to do, or Bill Callaghan still can.
Its certainly true to say that its the vocals on this Lp that often draw you in more than the music.
There are influences from Pink Floyd on 'Treasure in a ruin' and elsewhere there's shades of Neil Young in the fantastic 'Vessel'.  That said there are also plenty of heavier moments of distorted guitars to balance out the 12 songs on offer here.
This is an album comfortable and confident in its own skin, what Prana Crafter/William Sol offer is well crafted music, thoughtful songwriting and some really rather enchanting Psychedelic Folk thats never afraid to evolve or feel like something different, its an album of surprises that rewards you with each listen, and yes, its not what may be described as HeavyPsych, but great music no matter what you enjoy deserves to be shared widely, and this certainly does.

The Cd is available from Sunrise Ocean Bender Here or from Deep Water Acres Here

Prana Crafter on Bandcamp
Prana Crafter Soundcloud

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