Friday, 25 March 2016

Album Review...Atomic Simao - Nōdo

I like bandcamp, I get sent music a lot and I love that bands trust me enough to listen to something they've poured their heart into and pass on an opinion, this blog has afforded me the opportunity to hear all sorts of stuff I wouldn't normally hear. Bandcamp is different, you have to look, search and discover.  Sometimes though something jumps right out and grabs your attention, and that's exactly what happened here.  It should come as no suprise that I love Hendrix so the Hindu Jimi cover caught my attention immediately closely followed by the  brilliant music of Kiev's Atomic Simao.

Nōdo just starts, it's peculiar as intro's go, but 'Voodoo Chillum' is just suddenly there.  It's a ten minute track of a great groove and a guitar lead that does more than just a cheeky nod to the great Hendrix himself, it confidently rocks itself over its 10 minute span but then about a third of the way through sounds all too brilliantly familiar. 'Beauty Does Not Belong to Anything' is a shorter number but serves well as a slice of Psychedelic Space with some nice bluesy touches.  The mammoth "Asteroid Masterpiece is a whopping 17 minutes long and twists through styles with changing paces and sonic reverbs not unlike Funkadelic in places. Theres more midpaced Psych grooves with 'Do What You Do' but it's 'Stoned and Spontanius' where the doped down sounds really grab you take you to another place. 'Dancing Emptiness' close the album with its SpaceBlues Jams, it's all great stuff.  A listen through this bands back catalogue shows there's plenty to discover and  Nōdo is a promise of even greater things to come.

If you like this album, there is still some vinyl left via the bands bandcamp merch section, including a really nice looking lava Orange 180g version.

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