Monday, 18 April 2016

Album Review...Gorilla Vs Grifter - Split LP

Birmingham's Hevisike Records have just released the next in their split LP series; following the success of  2015's Mos Generator // Stubb, comes another monster in the form of Gorilla Vs Grifter.

Gorilla are first up; a heavy rock n roll three piece, with a sound as dirty and heavy as the band they draw the most obvious of their influences from: Motörhead. This comparison is clearly apparent on opening track 'Both Barrels'.
'Slay Rider' is straight out stoner rock with great solos throughout; the bass is bouncy with a slow groove; excellent stuff.
'Grind Yer Down' is another heavy number with great guitars and the line "don't let the bastards grind you down"; a sentiment often embraced  by the late, great Lemmy.
'Three Squealer' finishes off the first side, and whilst reminiscent of Sabbath, it still has the hard rock boogie that the rest of the tracks deliver.
Grifter are a great band to compliment side A of the LP. They are another heavy power trio that know how to make a riff fuelled groove, as demonstrated on the first track 'Falling Asleep'. 'Paige Turner' manages to achieve the impressive task of naming an array of top shelf magazines whilst keeping your focus on the fantastic 70s sounding heavy rock. 'Hi Waisted' follows suit with its retro riff age and heavy tone, adding a little extra harmonica to give it that dirty blues edge. Album closer 'Me Love' is a weighty number with a driving groove that almost demands you bounce your head in time with the mammoth sound.

There isn't a dull note on Gorilla Vs Grifter; the split serves as an introduction to two really interesting stoner rock outfits that offer much more than you might expect.  Filthy riffs, grooves and brilliantly heavy rock n roll; in short, it's Ace !
The album has been released on limited edition Gold vinyl (a Hevisike exclusive,100 copies pressed ) as well as a yellow and blue marbled version, the excellent cover artwork is by Dutch Artist Maarten Donders.

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