Monday, 18 April 2016

Album Review...Nicklas Sørensen - Solo

'Solo' is the debut LP from Papir Guitarist Nicklas Sorensen. It's a different kind of vibe to what you may be expecting, but that's not to say there isn't something familiar going on. Whilst the album is titled 'Solo', it features bandmates Christian Becher Clausen and Christoffer Brøchmann, as well as Causa Sui guitarist Jonas Munk.

Opening track 'Solo 1' is a sterling piece of Krautrock; the driving drum patterns and background synths compliment the guitar work perfectly, but don't smother the sound. The guitars are very much at the forefront of the track and it works extremely well. 'Solo 2' is a more mellow affair; the guitars wash over the beat, tribal but slower paced with shimmering cymbals. It is really rather beautiful and almost certainly designed to be heard through a good set of headphones. 'Solo 3' is more synth and loop oriented; the simplistic and sporadic guitar lets the track unfold, which it does wonderfully. 'Solo 4' is much more ambient in tone with its background synth sounds, but it's the lead guitar that shows real emotive skill as the song effortlessly plays out. 'Solo 5' is a rythmic number that progresses to something a little heavier at its Centre before mellowing again. The Final Track 'Solo 6' is an epic 12 minutes in length and delivers something incredibly atmospheric; it takes its time to grow and as with the rest of the LP, it's an immersive experience that holds your interest for the full duration.

There's a myriad of different layers and textures to discover.  The guitar is used to different effects  that really do generate the otherworldly esoteric sounds that are promised. The guitar remains the lead instrument, but interplays nicely with the music that surrounds it.

As I've mentioned already, this album is designed to be listened to; it demands concentration; and it's perfect for listening to through headphones  in order to immerse you into the experience. Highly recommended stuff.

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