Friday, 1 April 2016

Album Review...Terrascope - Paper Leaves Compilation

Highly respected and influential magazine Ptolemaic Terrascope is 25 years old and it's online incarnation Terrascope is celebrating its 10th year.
The magazine is an important champion of everything from Freakbeat and Psych, to punk and beyond, taking in the very best of Krautrock, Electronica and free Jazz. To celebrate, there's a limited run, vinyl only compilation 'Paper Leaves'; an 8 track Psych compilation, put together by the magazine. It features mostly unreleased music by artists that the  writers  have championed over the years.

Amongst the gems on offer here is ' Terrescopula Tempest' from Black Tempest; a really quite beautiful piece of  droned synth music with a feel not unlike a cinematic Tangerine Dream.  Elsewhere there's an a new interpretation of 'Young Girl Cut Down in Her Prime' from The Left Outsides, running at over 8 minutes; an intriguing folk track laden with  melancholic strings. The always fascinating White Hills offer up 'Thermal Head'; another slice of Sonic synth that plays out like a hypnotic mantra.  Bardo Pond's 'Pumori' closes the album in a loud 11 minute long feedback fueled Psych Rock noise ;complete with crashing drums and cymbals. It's Dead Sea Apes 'Universal Translator' from the album Spectoral Domain that stands out for me; slowly unraveling itself over a rolling baseline and space age soundscape that works it's way over 8 minutes. The track constantly builds and creates a deeper atmospheric tone as it progresses. Further  contributions from The Bevis Frond, Nick Nicely and Ben Chasny ensure that every play of this album offers a constantly engaging and rewarding listen; its an essential addition to any serious record collection.

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