Wednesday, 6 July 2016

6 Great Albums you may have missed that you can hear on Bandcamp NOW!

There's a wealth of great music right now that can be streamed for free on Bandcamp, some of the music below has been sent to me but not reviewed (due to time constraints), and some i have come across whilst listening to new LPs; all of it however is well worth investigating, enjoy !

Have a listen via the links in the descriptions below, if you like what you hear please support the artists and buy the digital/CD/Vinyl versions.

Jonas Munks solo album is a departure from the psychedelic stoner rock that his band Causa Sui are well known for, the album takes a much more electronic approach and using synthesisers and drones and delivers something with a great Kraftwerk feel to it; over the seven tracks there's a great freeform feel that also stay true to Munks psychedelic roots.

'Pan' is available from El Paraiso Records or you's can listen to it now on Bandcamp HERE

Brisbane's Indica released 'Stone Future Hymns' on digital earlier this year, lovers of stoner and sludge will find plenty to enjoy, the tracks tease heavy psych leanings  and the riffs are spectacular too.
German Label recently picked this up and have put the album out on limited edition Vinyl, this is well worth investigating.

Listen to Stone Future Hymns on Bandcamp HERE

Electric Citizen released their latest album 'Higher Time in May of this year, however 2014's debut 'Sateen' is absolutely essential listening. The band have a brilliant 70's rock sound thats deep fried in heavy psych, its difficult not to be taken by the incredible vocals of Laura Dolan and the albums a trip from start to finish.

Listen to Sateen on Bandcamp HERE

Bath's Sergeant Thunderhoof released the brilliant 'Ride of the Hoof' late last year, but before that there was 'Zigurat', a fantastic slab of heavy stoner rock  The album features the brilliant 'Pity for the Son' which was the first track i ever heard by the band and played on one of my earliest radio shows. Zigurat is about to get reissued on coloured vinyl via a kickstater campaign. Click the link below to hear the lp and find the band on Facebook to to preorder the reissue.

Listen to Zigurat on Bandcamp HERE

Readers of the blog will know that I'm a huge fan of the album N┼Źdo by Kiev's Atomic Simao, that album was littered with cool references to Jimi Hendrix amongst the fantastic Psychedelic rock. The previous album "Spyro' is a 15 track beast full of space rock and 60's flavoured heavy psych, the band are currently working on the next album, on the strength all past releases, you know its something to look forward to.

Listen to Sphyro on Bandcamp HERE

Table Scraps are a duo from my home town of Birmingham, dealing in direct and dark fuzzed up garage rock with a dirty punk aesthetic and a reputation for incredible live performances, 'More Time for Strangers' released in the summer of 2015 is well worth revisiting or getting aquatinted with for the first time. Great stuff.

Listen to More Time for Strangers on Bandcamp HERE

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