Monday, 31 October 2016

Album Review... Autumn of Pækward - Cern

'Cern' is a project of "sound and composition" based around The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (French: Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire) known as CERN. The European Research Organisation   operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Established in 1954, the organisation is based in a northwest suburb of Geneva, on the Franco–Swiss border. It is also the concept around the latest release from Jocken Koch from Leipzig, Germany

'Cern' is one of those albums that takes its time to unfold. Opening track 'Canteen' is very much in keeping with cinematic electronic soundscapes, slowly building its  way, along an enthralling female vocal, that haunts through gothic drones. 'Wardrobe' has a pulsating rhythm, leading to sombre, spoken word before becoming a wonky synthetic pattern, with white noise droning.
What follows is a change of pace; 'Director's Office' at first, feels in keeping with the tone previously set but suddenly, reveals a Gilmouresque solo over laid a laid back staggered beat, its arrival is a surprise and elevates the album into a different galaxy.
'Cupboard' is atmospheric and befitting with the synthetic tones of the album and moves on to wonderful 'Attic', a track that, once more, evolves in an unexpected direction; this time into soaring Post Rock.  The record closes with the more ambient and mellow in mood ' Collider' bringing the record to a beautiful and wistful conclusion.

Tonzonen are really switched on when it comes to the diversity of sounds that the label releases. One of the great things about their output is they often don't follow expectations; 'Cern' is one such record; never quite conforming to a style considered ambient nor score-like, but not quite conventional in terms of rock music.

The album is mostly a peaceful trip, ambient in nature with an orchestral feel and multifaceted layers, but never afraid to expand into something grand and magnificent.  Real care has been made, in regards, to the feel and flow of the music.  The record is an unexpected treat.  Despite the mundane sounding song titles, this LP is anything but.

Tonzonen Records have put "Cern" out as a run of 500, 200 on regular black and 300 of clear vinyl.

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