Thursday, 12 January 2017

Album Review... Weites Luftmeer -Siebenunddreißigachtundvierzig

Every now and again, a happy coincidence presents itself.  In a  Twitter conversation late last year, It was suggested that i'd really like Munich's Weites Luftmeer and i needed to check them out.  Not much longer afterwards, and unexpectedly, Tonzonen Records gave me an opportunity to hear the latest release from the band 'Siebenunddreißigachtundvierzig'; and I'm happy to say, It's fantastic.

Opening track 'Isosceles' plays as shimmering, psychedelic rock; the drumbeat and spangly guitars lead the way through a contemporary shoegaze sound to its noisy conclusion.  Following its gentile start 'Buoyancy' is much more distorted and fuzzed-up in its tones. The track builds by adding drones and percussive beats.
As the music hits the five minute mark, it bursts into something more urgent and weighty, creating an incredible wall of sound. 'Trail of Thoughts' begins with ambient soundscapes in its first half, but is soon awash with trippy beats and gorgeous textures of synth and guitar.  The albums closer is much heavier; 'Oxykotin' growls with every reverb drenched note.  The track is a heavy psych rock freakout that keeps on smashing forward with its mammoth groove; its final moments fade out and leave you wanting for more.

All four tracks add up to an engaging, and often uplifting listen, each song is constructed expertly and thoughtfully.  These compositions work well individually, but work far better as one piece, in fact, Siebenunddreißigachtundvierzig is another perfect example of being music elevated as an experience through decent headphones.

Tonzonen records are continuing to go from strength to strength with their roster, and in fact its an interesting time right now For Psychedelic Rock/Spacerock largely in part to German bands and labels.  Tonzonen are about to release new records by Knall, The Spacelords and Sounds of New Soma. I'm really excited to hear all of them.

Weites Luftmeer have delivered something unexpected.  I'm pleased that I've made their acquaintance now, as I start looking for through their back catalogue. Had I have caught this on release, it would have, most definitely, made my albums of the year list.
Essential listening.

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