Sunday, 22 January 2017

Album Review... Zement - Zement:Werk

If you follow the blog, you may have seen the recent review of the incredible 'Siebenunddreißigachtundvierzig' by Weites Luftmeer, in which I mentioned that I'd heard the album late last year, after I'd already published my favourite records of 2016 list.  I also said, at the end of the review, that there was some quite brilliant and interesting music coming out of Germany at the moment.  Well, to back up that statement comes Zement; a German duo this time from Würzburg.

The album artwork by Fabian Götz appears to promise something grey or colourless which couldn't be further from truth.  Contained inside are 5 tracks of Motorik beat driven patterns with warm synths and fantastic guitar work, leading the way, almost hypnotically, through each track. 'Ton' opens the record and wastes no time in getting straight to point; a driving beat over a waving synth and a striking guitar lick as the song builds and expands. All 5 tracks are around 10 minutes in length and never overstay their welcome.  Subsequent tracks Kalkstein, Eisenerz, Sand, and Gips all follow the same themes, in terms of length and build; the instruments remain the same too, but that's not to say there's a lack of variety.  Each song stands alone as different and individual, with noticeable enveloping depth.

Zement: Werk hits the mark on the first listen and it gets better and better with every play.  Zement deserve to be heard widely, and fans of Krautrock/Kosmische will find themselves engrossed by what's on offer here. The album was recorded as it was played live, in one room, by Marcus from The Spacelords and mastered, unsurprisingly, by Eroc, which makes this record a great companion piece to last years excellent 'Shipwrecked' by Sula Bassana.  Fans of New! and Föllakzoid will also find plenty to love here too.

Seek out Zement, they are absolutely worth your time.

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