Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Album Review...White Light Cemetery - Careful What You Wish For

Southern Rockers White Light Cemetery have been around since 2008.  Influenced by classic rock masters  Led Zeppelin, Lynrd Sknyrd and Deep Purple, along with the heavy attitude of Pantera and Crowbar (who the band toured with in 2013 on their Crushing The South Tour) the Louisiana four piece definitely know how to bring the noise.

This year sees the band put out their first record for Ripple Music; a label that over the past 5 years has developed into the home of some the most incredible contemporary, heavy rock acts around.  From the second the brooding bassline of 'Misery Loves Company' rumbles in, right up to that crunching mammoth opening riff, you know White Light Cemetery have found themselves right at home amongst the likes of Wo Fat, Zed and Devil to Pay.
The rousing 'Sky River' has the feel of old school hard rock, rooted somewhere between Bad Company and Sonic Temple era The Cult, but with a modern sound injected in.  Looking Out (For Number One) again feels like it's towering above the world; the bass work and riff, once more, creating that giant sound that resonates through the LP.  'On a Dime' has bluesy vintage flare and is one of the albums many highlights, as is follow on track 'Quit Work, Make Music'; a stoner fuelled Gem.
Elsewhere, on the LP, is the deep groove of 'Better Days' and the Audioslave-like 'Waiting'; all leading up to album closer 'Bullet to Erase'; a return to the old style rock sound.  A really confident and fitting way to end the album.

Over the course of the 8 tracks, White Light Cemetery expertly demonstrate that southern rock doesn't have to sound like Skynrd; there's not a lot here that alerts you to the fact they're a southern rock band like the acclaimed Drive By Truckers per say.  What you do get, in buckets though, is the heavy sound of a band at the top of their game.  Every riff is massive; every bassline struts confidently and every beat smashes.  This a huge leap forward since their 2013 debut.

Ripple Music deserve credit for their output of late. 2016 was a killer year for them and Careful What you Wish for is a helluva way to kick off 2017.  White Light Cemetery have released the first great rock record of the year and only tease at what a formidable force they surely must be when witnessed live.

Highly Recommended.

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