Thursday, 27 April 2017

Streaming Now...

As we reach the month of May there's been a wealth of new music out again. Over the last few weeks there have been superb releases from the likes of Kentucky's Moonbow  (BMX legend/Survivor star Matt Bischoff) on Ripple Music and also Baby Guru's Prins Obi's second solo Lp 'The Age of Tourlou.
The sonic Dawn's new album 'Into the Long Night' is a psychedelic beauty and an easy record to get lost in especially wearing headphones, that's out now via Heavy Psych Sounds.
There's excellent new music from Driftwood Pyre and Grand Delusion too.
I've also included the new release from Chile's Föllakzoid featuring Jason Pierce from Spiritualized as the vinyl release for Record Store Day has sold out and these reworking are well worth your time and attention
Be sure too to check out Monobrow, the Canadian Psychedelic Stoner Rockers will be releasing 'The Nacarat' on Vinyl on May 31st and you can hear it via bandcamp now while you preorder !

You'll be able to hear lots of these bands/tracks/records on the various radio shows for Hard Rock Hell Radio, Grip of Delusion Radio and as well as a ton great new music.
The title links are clickable and will take you to the bandcamp page.
As always, if you like what you hear support the artists and pay for the download, or check out their pages and buy a physical version. A lot of the bands here will be selling vinyl versions and special edition packages, Enjoy!

Peglica i Komandos - Kefter Gatha

The Sonic Dawn - Into the Long Night

Grand Delusion - Supreme Machine

Moonbow - War Bear

Cruise Forever - God is a Triphead

Descarado - Odd

Driftwood Pyre - Strangeways EP

Prins Obi - The Age of Tourlou

Föllakzoid - London Sessions Featuring J.Spaceman

Monobrow - The Nacarat

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